June 13th, 2013

When can I have an active lifestyle after the IUD?

Hello! This should be a short and to the point question.
I plan on getting the copper-T IUD later on in July (I have to wait until then for insurance purposes). I am 19, never been pregnant or had a child, and this will be my first IUD - switching from an orthocyclene pill. During the time I'd get my IUD put in, I am part of a somewhat intense "summer camp" job. I will have the entire morning and most of the afternoon off on the day I get it put in. However, the days following I will be on my feet most of the time and walking around campus with students. 4 days later I will be going white water rafting. I plan on rock climbing later this summer too, and I like to work out every day (within reason, those can be nixed). My question is really how crazy am I to try to do this all after my insertion? I'm under the impression it will hurt a lot (never had a kid, etc) and I'd rather not perforate my uterus (I never want to have children, but I'd be really upset if I mess up the chance and have to wait an entire year before I'm covered for it again)
So in your personal opinion and personal experience, how awful would it be to go white water rafting the weekend after I get my IUD put in? Do you think anything serious could come out of it, like knocking it out of place?
If I had a different time-frame option, believe me, I would take it..

How long for removal if no strings are visible?

I got pregnant in March with the paragard IUD perfectly in place, and it turned out to be ectopic. A lot of heartache and two doses of methotrexate later, I am no longer pregnant.

So I'm getting the paragard removed on Monday and trying another method of birth control. Only thing is--my strings aren't visible. Has anyone gone through removal with no strings visible? How long does it take?

A radio station is calling me an hour after my scheduled appointment for an interview. I'm wondering if I should reschedule the removal, or if I should be done by then?

Possible switch from Paragard to Mirena - hormone question

Hello all,

SUMMARY: Seeking feedback re: the possibility that I could tolerate hormones in Mirena even though I have not been able to tolerate BC pills/Nuva Ring. (And a switch from Paragard to Mirena.

I visited this forum quite a bit on and off over the last year. I am 26 y/o, no pregnancies, had Paragard inserted May 2012. The first five months were very difficult. Constant spotting with really heavy period days mixed in (heavier periods usually lasting 8-10 days in length with heavier spotting on either side before going back to light spotting).
With this - bad cramps -- very pinching, much worse than I have ever experienced.

At this point, my periods are definitely better, but difficult. I generally have 2-3 days of light to medium spotting, then a medium day, then two heavy days (super plus tampons every 45 mins-hour), then a few more medium/light days before returning to spotting. Thus, I am currently perioding for 8-15 days a month, which is quite frustrating, especially since it is quite heavy at times and accompanied by cramps. Cramps have improved, but still remain very difficult for about two days a month, and painful for 5-6 days a month. I also have cramps mid-cycle for a day or two, which are sharp and painful.

I am considering a swap to the Mirena (due to hoping for a lighter/less heavy period/less cramping), but I am concerned. I plan on speaking with my doc about this too, but am curious to hear other people's experiences, since my last doc said it is difficult to predict my response overall.

Mostly, I am worried about the hormones in the Mirena. All BC pills I have tried resulted in clinical depression for me (even low hormones/single hormone pills). Nuva Ring did the same thing. Has anyone had this experience with BC pills/nuva ring but had success with the Mirena? I am wondering if there is a chance of success with the Mirena b/c the hormones are absorbed differently than NuvaRing/BC pills. Initially, I was hopeful for hormone free BC (Paragard), but I am disenchanted with the cramping/heavy bleeding. I am hesitant to switch to the Mirena on the chance that it doesn't work (and then either have to decide to re-insert the Paragard and deal w/ possible adjustment all over again, or to go back to just condoms).

Any thoughts appreciated! Especially from any of you who have been intolerant to hormones in BC pills/nuvaring but have had success with Mirena.

Thanks for any help/feedback!