June 8th, 2013


Problems with sex drive on Mirena?

Hello Ladies!

I've had my Mirena for just about two years now and couldn't love it any more!  After the initial adjustment period, I have had no issues with it and couldn't be happier.  The only problem I find is my sex life with my boyfriend (which was previously very intense) has gone to practically nothing.  I find that I went from being a very sexual person who enjoyed sex to someone who finds herself being annoyed when my boyfriend instigates or even makes a comment.  It's starting to hurt our relationship as we don't seem to have that physical bond anymore and I would hate it if our relationship turned sour just because of this.  I want to hold on to my Mirena as it has been amazing but if I have no other choice, I might have to take it out.  Has anyone else ever had this issue?  What did you do to solve it?  I need some lady Viagra!