June 3rd, 2013

New member (long time lurker) + NSAIDS for bleeding

Hi to all you fabulous IUD carries who made my choice to get an IUD so much more informed and knowledgeable.

The basics are 21, nullipara female in a 4 year long-term relationship. I received the Cu380 Copper IUD nearly 2 weeks previously, after having been on the pill (various brands + yasmin) for 5 years. Decided to quit because I learned of my family history of breast cancer as well as having developed mild hypertension (pretty scary for me as I am young with a healthy BMI, non-smoker and vego/vegan for 5 years etc). The longer version of this and a short term update can be found here.

Anyhoo, I've done a lot of research into IUDs as I am a bit weird in that I need to research things HEAPS before I made a decision and also my job provides me with the necessary resources. I digress, I found a table I thought was very helpful. It is from a pretty nifty website that has a bunch of current medical info about IUD use and the problems that can be associated etc. This table outlines the various dosages of NSAIDS recommended to relieve from the heavy bleeding/cramping combo that can come with IUD usage.

I know some people weren't sure about the specific dosages/brands stuff and I really thought that was nice, clear and specific.

Sorry for the long post, and nice to finally be a part of this awesome community.

Paragard partially expelled after 1 year

Hello divas,

I have lost my diva status! Anyways, so I had my first copper iud inserted last June. Four days ago, after a particularly long day swimming at the beach, I had severe abdominal pain that was reminiscent of the pain I felt when I got the copper iud inserted. I scheduled an appointment for planned parenthood to check what was up with this pain. I suspected it was a UTI or maybe my IUD moving, but then when I felt for the strings myself I would feel a fish hooky plastic thing jutting a bit out of my cervix. Got kind of scared because I have been having unprotected sex with my partner, so who knew how long it has been dislodged? So I went to my PPH and after two hours, it was for certain that my iud was down the cervical canal and my uterus accomplished pushing my 1 year paragard out. :( I have another appointment scheduled to insert another paragard, because I loved it, but what are the chances of the next on being expelled too? And I have just started Insanity by Shaun T as well and fear that these "insane" workouts are going to expel it somehow too.
spock with the whaley-poos

2 year old Mirena -expelling and then... not?

I'm a 32 year old woman with an almost-2 year old. I had a Mirena before I got pregnant, had it removed, had kiddo, had new Mirena "installed" at 8 week pp visit.
Mid-morning today, I had some really sharp cramps accompanied by bright red blood. Something felt "weird" so I went to check my strings (which I admit I'm pretty forgetful about doing.) I felt strings and then something hard clearly sticking out of my cervix. I figured it was my IUD and for whatever reason, after 2 years, we were parting ways, as it were.
Now, nearly 12 hours later, cramps are gone, bleeding is gone, and IUD strings are back to normal length and location, with no evidence that I ever felt anything on my cervix.
What is happening?