June 1st, 2013

Liberte T, 3 week update, all good, yet to be able to feel strings, but Dr. checked and all good

Hi all,

Just a 3-week post insertion update. So far my experience has been pretty good. For about a week post-insertion I swear I could feel the IUD inside me and isolated to the left side - it wasn't painful, just annoying and psychologically anxiety-provoking b/c my doctor said to watch out for one-sided pain (which may indicate perforation). I also couldn't feel my strings so I went back to doctor 1 week post-insertion and she checked and IUD was perfectly in place. Since then, the one-sided pain subsided. About 2 weeks post-insertion, I started getting some cramping and then light spotting...and now I believe it's turned into my period - the symptoms began about a week early for my normal period schedule. Now I'm just charting cramping, amount of spotting/bleeding so I can have a record of things and can compare to my cycle pre-IUD. The symptoms are not at all debilitating, perfectly tolerable, now I'm just waiting to see how long things last.

I still can't feel my IUD strings though...so was wondering whether anyone else has trouble feeling the strings? Or any tips, haha - I've tried squatting down but still no luck....It is at all possible than some women just have longer vaginal canals (I know - TMI!!) and so it's harder to feel strings? Thoughts? I guess when I go in for my 6-week check up, I can ask my doctor about that, lol.

Thanks all!

all is well...sorta!

Well, the saga has come to an end. Many office visits and a hard-to-procure ultrasound later, and the verdict is that my IUD righted itself, and now lies perfectly in place.

The pain I experienced was apparently a ruptured ovarian cyst. Which sounds scary, but is apparently normal...and just something to "follow up on" in six weeks or so.