May 29th, 2013

SCARED urgh! ! Werid bleeding and pain?Iud for a year

Hey everyone !
So I am 23 I have had my iud for a year now ( since shortly after my daughter was born.) it used to hurt a bit but for the most part I love it my period have slowed down and almost stopped( never bleed for more then 2 days ! and so light ! ) and I feel free and less stressed …. BUT I already had my period this month around the 13th and then this Monday night I was at a party ( not a lush it was a friends birthday and I have Mon and Tues off so it was my weekend :p ). I went to the bathroom to pee and a piece of tissue came out and a large gush of bright red blood ! then it just stopped I was fine ( some pain in my lower right side but fine !) had I been in my non impaired mind I may have gone to the ER ( because I am a worrier) but I was unable to drive at the time so I just went on with the night. I now have pain in my lower right side ( kind of close to my hip) not constant but when I sit in certain positions and because on top of this I have a yucky summer cold when i sneeze. I am bleeding lightly I checked the strings are still there but they seem a little shorter kind of? And I have always been able to feel a little tip and I can’t anymore ! ( again it is in there though cause the strings are ! Anyone ever have this happen before ? any idea what it could be? I was briefly scared I somehow got pregnant and miscarried However if that happened wouldn’t the iud fall out when my cervix dilated to let the fetus out?

Thanks everyone – and sorry about the over sharing

No Period

Hello Divas,

This is my first post since I have discovered this journal, love the journal!

But now, I am a little scared since I did not have my first period with Paragard yet. A little background information:
I'm 21 years old, Got my Paragard inserted on the 17th of April 2013. I wanted to stay on the pill at first so I started taking my pill on the 18th of April. The bleeding stopped at the 20th of April. But started again on the 25th of April, I called my doctor to ask about this bleeding because I was on the pill and the bleeding from my IUD had stopped, so I thought. The doctor told me to stop with the pill since I could trust my IUD immidiatly. I kept taking my pill until the 4th of May and then stopped. The bleeding was a little heavier at May 7 but that was because I had my pill-period I guess. Four days later (May 10) the bleeding stopped, it was finally gone :D

But now I am confused because I did not have another period yet.. Should I be worried or is this because I was on the pill before? I have been on the pill for three years.

I had a check-up 7 days ago and my IUD was right in place.

So basically my question to you is, should I be worried? And when did you get our first period after you stopped with the pill or other HBC?

Oh.. I'm Dutch so I'm sorry if my English isn't what it's supposed to be. I try haha
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2 months with Paragard - love it!

I just created an LJ account specifically to make this post. Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone here. None of my friends have IUDs. I knew nothing about them. But, I was able to go in ready and knowledgeable, and that's thanks to all the wonderful information here.[My story is in here, to hopefully help someone still thinking about it!]

ME: I'm almost 27, NP, and live with my long-term boyfriend. I was on the pill for (yikes!) 14 years to combat period-related wackiness (1 week between periods, waking up soaked & looking like a stabbing victim, bleeding for 4 months straight!) that began nearly immediately after starting to menstruate. Overall, I did well on the pill without major symptoms and I was nervous about changing my very well-known routine, but my main impetus for an IUD was a complete lack of sex drive. Because my complaints were related to hormones, I knew from the beginning I wanted Paragard.

INSERTION: My gyno thought I was a good candidate, but had to sub out the procedure to another doc in the practice who was more experienced with insertion. They were both very supportive and said that their practice has inserted hundreds to thousands of IUDs and has only ever had to take out 2 due to problems. Thanks to the new ACA (Obamacare) regulations on birth control, it was free to me... but according to the bill, it cost my insurance company $1200. When the day came, I took a motrin in advance, and insertion was easier than I expected, largely due to the doctor instructing me to breathe out as hard and as fast as I could at the moment she penetrated my cervix. When I commented that it went easier than I thought, she did note that she doesn't sound her patients, as the insertion tube has the sounding measurements listed, and she feels the judgement could be made from that - and added that she finds standard double penetration (once to sound, once to insert) "unnecessary and tortuous." Has anyone ever heard of that?! It made me really nervous that she deviated from what I considered "standard procedure," but my gynecology is through a major/prestigious university-based health care system, so I tried to use that to reassure myself!

IMMEDIATELY AFTER: The office is a block away from the train station, and I actually felt so good afterward that I sprinted to catch a train. It didn't occur to me until after my butt was in the seat that maybe that wasn't the best idea! I laid around for the rest of the afternoon and needed another motrin around dinnertime when the cramping resurfaced, but that was it. I had some pink discharge for about 2 days, and maybe 1-2 more random pink spotting episodes (that last a day or two) since. I had it inserted on a Friday, but would have been fine to work the next day if I needed to. There was definitely a mild sour/metallic smell afterward, but this went away.

... Anxiety: I had various freakouts that I felt it was falling out, but I've come to learn that when I think it feels "weird," it's probably just some vaginal discharge (there's been a lot more of that!), or pressure from my bladder or bowels. It also felt weird while flying, probably due to air/pressure in my intestines moving around. It's hard to switch from a method you control to a method you've just gotta trust. Deep breaths and reassuring myself there's a ~95% chance it's not expelling helps!
...Periods: I've had two periods, #1 right on the exact day I would have gotten it on the pill, and #2 was a few days early. (Sadly, that one soaked through and stained my pants at work - can you tell I've been spoiled by years of pill-perfect period scheduling? I felt like the girls in 6th grade getting their first period unexpectedly!) I expect further adjustments as my body remembers how to squirt out its own hormones... and I'll now be carrying tampons at all times :) The periods were definitely heavier, but nothing outrageous. My period was so light on the pill that I've been guilty of forgetting about tampons - my shameful record is 20 hours. So maybe having a period heavy enough to fill and push out a tampon after 2 hours is better in my case! I've actually had LESS cramps during my period now, but cramping and breast pain that I've never had halfway through my cycle, which I'm guessing is ovulation.
...Changes: My only complaint is new acne, but I blame that on a body coming off the pill, not a body with a new IUD. I just feel a hard-to-describe "better" off hormones. Just overall, better.
...Strings: I check my strings every few days. She left them "long" at 3cm. Turns out, I can barely touch the tip my cervix in a squat most of the month, but can feel all around it with only half a finger in during my period, so I learned I have a huge variation in cervical height/string length throughout the month. The strings were really easy to tuck up and twirl around my cervix from the beginning, and they fall down into my vagina during my period, so I've had to tuck them back up after each one. No biggie.
...Sex: Mission accomplished; definitely noticed an uptick in sex drive. He said he can't feel the strings and can't smell/taste anything odd. I have a pretty sensitive cervix that dislikes being bashed and this hasn't changed. Having the IUD hasn't caused any problems with sex.

I would be happy to answer any questions if it helps someone else make their decision. It's the least I can do in return for all the time I spent lurking on here! :)

looking for doctor to remove Mirena in Minneapolis/St. Paul

After about two years on my second Mirena (had the first for 5 years, no problems at all), I've started to have spotting and sporadic severe cramping. I had an ultrasound, apparently things look fine with the IUD, but my GP recommended I have it removed and possibly have another inserted.

However, she has expressed some reservations about removing it (my strings were cut very short, and she doesn't do a lot of IUDs in any case). I lived in Seattle when I had my last one removed, and the ob/gyn who did it was fabulous - even though the strings were again very short, she removed it so quickly and painlessly I didn't even realise she'd done the removal. I'd like to find another doctor who has a lot of experience with IUDs, and would prefer someone who could also insert a new one for me (I'm NP).

Do you folks have any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance!