May 28th, 2013


Hi ladies,
I am a 28 year old female, with a very active lifestyle and chose the Mirena because it seemed to be the best form of BC for me. I got my Mirena this last Friday. It has been a total of 5 days now, and the pain has not let up. I feel constant cramping in my lower abdomen. I am 100% positive that my uterus is revolting and is seriously pissed at me for inserting a permanent foreign object into her life.
On the day of insertion, I thought it was going to be a cake walk... That was a lie. Insertion was incredibly painful. I slept for the majority of Friday, thanks to some pain killers.
Saturday I was feeling fine, no problems! I woke up felt great went to coffee with my friends and enjoyed the day.
Sunday was rough... partially from a hangover (does drinking increase cramping and pain with Mirena?)
Monday,cramping came in bouts of pain and I was unable to accomplish much of anything during the day. My boyfriend and I attempted sex, but I was so nervous about being in pain that it lasted for a total of 5 min and I asked to stop. The downside to this whole experience is that I am extremely horny... so it is really frustrating to say the least.
Today is Tuesday, and I was doing great in the morning. I finished my homework, cleaned the house and then at noon the cramps kicked in and left me tethered to my heating pad for the majority of the afternoon. Also I tired to find the strings... no luck, but I could be approaching the search wrong. Plus I'm still bleeding, so I didn't try too hard.

Why am I still in so much pain? Is it the sex? The drinking from Saturday? Or is my uterus rejecting the IUD and telling me to get it out of my body? Should I go back to the doctor?