May 26th, 2013


Hi All,
This is my first post, but reading all of your comments really helped me make my decision. I decided to get Mirena placed about 2 weeks ago. My uterus staged a coup! The cramping the first day was unbearable (thank God for muscle relaxers) and then sporadically continued for the next week or so. Also, I experienced light bleeding continuously since insertion. Anyway, starting yesterday, I experienced SEVERE cramping again and some heavy (like a normal period) bleeding. Since it is time for my normal period, I figured that it was just the hormones battling over the time of the month. I used tampons to control the bleeding. All of a sudden, the bleeding and cramps stopped. Wanting to make sure that everything was still okay, I checked for the strings and I can't find them! My question is do you all think I could have expelled my Mirena without noticing? If so, it probably got flushed with a tampon, so do you know if the Doctor will give me a new one without paying full price again? I'm freaking out because I chose Mirena since it was a long term solution to my birth control issue, but I can't afford a new one so soon. Besides it seems like a complete waste of money since I only had it for a week and a half. I haven't even had sex with it yet :( Anyway, any advice would be extremely appreciated.
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Mirena Update - doc visit

I just went in for my yearly exam. No problems with the IUD. No questions for the doc. Nothing looks wrong. I'm good to go for another year. I also found out that my doc's office is only doing paps once every three years so I felt like this was a wasted visit and (not recommending this) will probably just skip next year unless something comes up.

EDIT** I should have added that I'm almost halfway into my third year with Mirena. I'm also 25 and np.

Weird feeling when peeing?

Hey Divas I just had a quick question! After I got my IUD (maybe a couple days) I've had this weird pain while peeing. I'll start peeing and everything is fine and then at the very end I feel my urethra kind of "squeeze shut" and it hurts a little to push all the pee out. It's almost like a spasm and then the little bit that comes out is the only painful part. It's not a super intense pain, but rather a dull uncomfortable feeling. I know I don't have a UTI because they tested for that when I got it put in (which was roughly two weeks ago). It would only do it every now and then before, but now it's every time I pee. I don't know if I should try to go to the gyno or what? My next appt isn't until June 13th and it's difficult for me to find rides to my doctor. Has anyone experienced this before? Should I just go to the doctor and hope they know what's up? I've checked my strings recently and they are in their right spot and everything. Any help is appreciated!