May 20th, 2013

Paragard with no kids, 20 yo. Help?!

Okay, so I've had my paragard for a few months now. I used to have mirena, but didn't like the hormones. I had mirena removed and paragard put in within a few minutes of each other. Now, here's where my question comes in. My doctor said that the iud's tend to work better with women who haven't had children because their uterus' are stronger. Is this true? I am sexually active, and I tend to worry about things more than I should. As of right now, my period is late.... Is it also true that many pregnancies while on an iud happen because of a misplacement or by it falling out? Basically, I need reassurance that I shouldn't be too worried about pregnancy while on paragard, and that as long as I can feel the string, I know it's in place.