May 16th, 2013

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ectopic preg risk + one fallopian tube

hi divas,

i'm new here, so apologies if i post something that's already been covered. i like the idea of an iud, but this one little issue has been nagging in the back of my mind--the ectopic pregnancy risk.

what i was 14, i had a cyst on my fallopian tube taking out and i only have one fallopian tube that supposedly works. after reading about how previous tube surgeries + iud are both risk factors for ectopics, i feel a bit worried about "ruining" my one tube.

when i asked my nd about this, she basically quoted me the paragraph about how the iud lowers the risk, but if you get pregnant, it increases the risk and then said she didn't know what to tell me and maybe oral contraceptives are a better option until after i have children.

i'm not super thrilled about going back on the pill because of the side effects and i just want to be natural, you know? i do have pcos, which the pill is supposed to help, but i've been taking herbs to help with that.

logically, i KNOW the risks are SO SO small. but it seems most people default to "well everyone has two tubes anyways" when talking about ectopics and the crazy paranoid side of me gets scared.

what are you thoughts on this?
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To paragard or not to paragard?

Hello!! I'm new to this community and I just needed a bit of encouragement. I just had my first and only son about eight weeks ago. He was born premature due to severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome and he will more than likely be my only child.
I spoke with my ob/gyn about birth control options and the IUD was his recommendation because I am pumping/planning on breast feeding and my husband isn't ready to get snipped yet. I have my Paragard ordered but I am terribly nervous about the insertion and aftermath. I know everyone is different but I was wondering:
How long did it take after insertion for you to be able to go back to normal? My son is in NICU and I can't afford to be down for longer than a day.
Do you have any suggestions for analgesia post insertion?
I also still haven't gotten my period back and was wondering if any of you breastfed and if the Paragard caused your cycle to return after insertion?

First 7 days post-insertion: a diary

I decided to keep a diary of my Mirena experience of the first 7 days. I think this is useful for those who are wondering what may happen to them. I know it's something I would've liked to see before I got mine. My experience is my own, though, and not everyone’s will be as mine was. With that said, it still gives an idea of what could happen.

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Hopefully this was helpful to at least one person. To the people yet to get their IUD, good luck and hopefully it will be smooth sailing for you!

One year (or actually 13 months) with my copper IUD (A very happy update!)

Hi all,

In April I officially marked one year with my copper IUD (not Paraguard but a U-shaped brand from China).

I know I had tooooooons of trepidations about whether to get an IUD or not and was very comforted to read positive stories here, so I figured I'd add my success story in hopes of maybe helping someone.

A very brief summation: I'm 26, np, was on and off HBC for years and loathed it (no matter what brand I always had crippling depression and very sore boobs) so I wanted something non-hormonal.

Opted for a copper IUD and I am so very glad I did! Insertion was a little rough but I was fine after I left the doctor's office, just cramping and back ache for the next few days. Periods were heavier and more crampy for the first few months but nothing ibuprofen couldn't knock out. Had some random bleeding with sex intermittently for the first year but again, never anything terrible (plus a very supporting partner who didn't mind at all).

Overall, I'm so glad I have my IUD. My only regret is not getting one years ago when I first started having problems with HBC (still mildly annoyed that my various doctors never mentioned an IUD as an option and instead decided to put me on a bunch of different pills...)

I can't sing IUD praises loudly enough, if you're considering making the switch I say definitely do it. Life's so nice without the side effects or daily remembering to take a pill.

Hope this was helpful to someone!