May 15th, 2013

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Paragard 5 days ago, sex, and a weird/unpleasant cramping

Hello Divas,

Just want to start by thanking everyone who posts here- I've certainly gained a lot of information from reading your stories!

I had a Paragard inserted on Friday (5 days ago), here's my story/question.

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So my question is: is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? I don't really think the Paragard has traveled anywhere or expelled because I can kind of feel the strings and so could my boyfriend, but I think they are curved up around the cervix because they kind of feel like loops. Thanks in advance everyone.

Giving birth with paraguard

Hello ladies,

I have had my IUD for about four years, I have not had any children prior. However, after four years...I am now pregnant.
I'm going to reach my 30th week on saturday. So far the baby is healthy, and because the OB couldn't see the strings I was advised to leave the iud alone. Right now, they don't know where the iud is. Although, I don't have any pain, bleeding, or weird discharge. So, so far so good.

I just wanted to know about any experiences with women giving birth with an iud. Were you able to have a natural birth? Did you experience excrutiating pain?

I'm not trying to over-worry myself, I just want help in deciding whether or not to get an epidural. Because honestly I don't like the idea of losing that control, and not feeling as much.