May 13th, 2013

Penny the Copper Woman

Hello everyone!
Almost two weeks ago (May 1) I had my Flexi T Copper IUD inserted. The insertion was PAINFUL but lasted all but two minutes! I had cramping for about 5 days after and since it was inserted at the beginning of my period there was bleeding mainly just light spotting after 3 days. Exactly a week after insertion, the bleeding and cramping had fully subsided my partner and tried it out and it was smooth sailing! Now I've been reading a few entries and noticed that a lot of women can locate their strings.....however I can't feel mine!!! Is it possible that my fingers aren't long enough (LOL) or is this normal? Also would you be able to feel if the IUD had expelled? As my partner and I have had unprotected sex and apparently if it expelled there is a risk of pregnancy. I appreciate ANY advice!

good paraguard experience

Hi everyone,

I signed up to livejournal just to make this post. this community has been a major source of info and anecdotal experience for me prior to my actual insertion, and it sometimes made me anxious to read about some of the negative experiences, so here's my experience, and I hope it helps to ease some worry for you all who might be concerned about pain and bleeding and so on.

I am 22 years old, np, used bcp over a year ago but couldn't handle the hormones. My paraguard was inserted about a month and a half ago at a fertility clinic in a well-established hospital in my area, by a doctor who basically specializes in IUDs. she told me that she had probably inserted more IUDs than any other gyn I'll ever meet, and that she even had IUD jewelry :) I think it's really important to do some research first and find a place that has a lot of experience with IUDs, not some GP's office where they're reading the instructions as they go! My doctor had an assistant to help her and they had the process down very smoothly, including some very specific steps to ensure that the IUD would not get contaminated as it was unwrapped and set up for insertion.

the actual insertion was ok, I had taken 600mg ibuprofen an hour before (even though I was not instructed to do so, thanks iud_divas!) and felt a series of pinches, each one of which my doctor warned me about: "and now you're going to feel a pinch". the pain was comparative to an immunization shot, and definitely not as bad as the worst ones of those.

afterwards I drove myself home and felt a little sore but pretty well-functional. I took the day off work the next day just in case - I work in a pretty active environment that requires me to be alert and on my feet most of the time, and while I appreciated the rest I don't think it was totally necessary for me to stay home. I was feeling waves of cramping throughout the day though, and just took an ibuprofen every now and then and it was fine. I'm the type of person who never, ever takes pain medication, but for those first few days...

and then two days after the insertion I hardly knew it was there. I had some mild spotting every now and then, and then my period came and it was heavier than usual for the first two days, and then subsided to a very manageable amount for the next two, tapering to mild spotting for the following two. it was actually a really normal period for me! there was a little cramping but not too bothersome, and I did not need to take medication this time like I did right after insertion.

now I'm on my second Paraguard period, which came in a timely manner, and it's just like the first, maybe only less painful. there was no bleeding in between the periods and I didn't have to think about the IUD at all. I've been checking the strings every now and then. no problems.

I'm going in for a post-insertion checkup in a few days and I'm really excited to tell my doctor about my super easy experience. she had warned me that periods could get really intense, and in worst case scenarios I could bleed every day for six months!! I had a slight feeling that mirena was promoting at their office, because there were signs with the mirena logo in every office, and each doctor that I talked to about the paraguard would be like "but have you heard about the mirena? no periods! no systemic hormone effects! blah blah blah". they were very happy to give me a paraguard though, I just had this funny feeling while I was there that they were pushing the other option a little bit, and maybe exaggerating the side effects in the form of a horrible period, but maybe it's just different from person to person and I just got lucky.

there's my story! go get your paraguard!

expulsion/replacement update & a new question

Hey folks:

Just a quick update - I definitely pulled my Paragard halfway out via Divacup. Womp womp. It's a bit uncomfortable at present, but not exceptionally painful. I'm gonna be at PP tomorrow, getting it pulled and replaced. Too bad! Two years of near-perfect behavior.

Because I'd rather not have userfailure yet again, it seems I'm back to looking for tampon alternatives (tampons = multiple yeast infections per year). Pads are out of the question for me, but I'm curious about sea sponges. Any users out there who've had good luck with them?

Thanks again for all the support. I'll update again about insertion #3. Yeehaw!


Just had copper IUD (Liberte 380 ST) inserted - positive insertion experience

Hi everyone,

This forum has been really helpful in my preparation for getting my first IUD, so wanted to do my part and give back to the community.

This is my first IUD (wanted a non-hormal method of birth control) - age 29, monogamous relationship, never been pregnant. Liberte-380 ST (66$ from my local Shoppers). I just had it inserted this morning at my university clinic in Toronto.

I was pretty nervous going in for my appointment, given all the horror stories about the pain out there on the internet, but I have to say it wasn't bad at all! It certainly was uncomfortable, but the pain only lasted a few second during each step (finding the cervix, sounding, insertion). I had a big breakfast, took 800mg of ibuprofen about 45 minutes before my appointment, and my doctor applied a topical anaesthetic (was a spray like from an aerosol can) - the spray burned a little but was totally bearable. I also did deep breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) pretty much throughout the whole thing and who knows if that worked, but it helped me relax and distract myself. Overall, the insertion was WAY easier than I was expecting, and I was really happy about that! I would describe myself as being one of the "most women [who] experience mild discomfort and cramping" that is listed on some doctor material.

My doctor said I might experience some bleeding and spotting in the days to come, but she said she didn't notice any bleeding during the insertion. It's now about 3 hours later and no bleeding yet. Generally, I feel pretty good, a tiny bit "crampy" and certainly aware that something has happened down there, but no pain really.

I'll try to update again in a few weeks to share my experience of the adjustment phase. While the insertion has been a positive experience so far, I reserve the right to change my mind about the IUD depending on how next few months go =). Doctor also said tp wait 2 weeks before sex without a condom (to minimize risk for infection while my body gets used to IUD and "heals", even though I'm very low risk for STIs).

Also just wanted to say that I met with one doctor at my university clinic first for a counselling appointment (you have to have a counselling appointment before your insertion appointment) and I was totally weirded out by the doctor. She was misinformed, seemed confused at my questions, and generally made me uncomfortable. I decided to go in for a second counselling session with a different doctor and I am sooo glad I decided to do that (I was worried about appearing "high-maintenance" or "difficult"). The second doctor really knew her stuff, answered all my questions, and eased my anxiety. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I encourage anyone considering an IUD to find a doctor they trust!! Given that many complications are dependent on the skill/knowledge of the doctor, it's worth finding someone you are comfortable with!!

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer!