May 12th, 2013

Not So Great Mirena Experience....So Far

Hi ya'll
I've had my Mirena since December 2012 and so far it hasn't been smooth sailing. I'm 5 months in and I'm hoping all these problems will go away soon but until then I can really use your help. Have any of you ladies experienced any of this? If yes, did it resolve on it's own? I went to Planned Parenthood in March and the nurse practitioner told me that my Mirena was still in place and everything looked good. She informed me that my strings were cut a little short so she did have a hard time finding my strings. Also, I recently started a new job so I will not have any health insurance until July. I made a list of the symtpoms I've experienced so far. Please let me know if these are things I should be worried about.

- localized pain on right side of pelvis (Nurse said this was due to upcoming period but period never came)
- no period since January (very light, lasted 3 days)
- almost no spotting
- lower muscle spasms that last all night
- pelvic discomfort/pressure
- burning feeling during sex (treated w/Monistat, problem was resolved until a week later)
- occasional pain on left side of pelvis during sex

Thank you :)
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