May 11th, 2013



hey all.

long time no talk!

I've been a happy Paragard user since early 2011. After an expulsion of a Multiload, the Paragard and I had a few growing pains, but mostly it's been smooth sailing.

I believe I've pulled a classic Divacup yank. I went to remove the cup in a hurry, felt a twinge, and now my strings are wayyyy longer than usual. I also feel something that seems like potentially the loop/knot at the bottom?

Here's the problem. Since there've been no issues for the past two years...I haven't checked the strings in ages. I can't feel any plastic right now, just long kinked strings, and possibly a knot in the middle. But if the T is riding low, that means bad news, right? Ugh.

It sucks that this happened on the weekend, and I've gotta wait it out to get the whole situation checked. Also...last time I had a doctor check out what I knew was an expulsion, the plastic wasn't sticking out so she declared me in the clear. I had to go back a day later (felt it again myself) when it was protruding and insist on removal.

What do you guys recommend? Visit a doctor and demand an ultrasound? Are ultrasounds incredibly expensive? Would it be worth waiting it out til I can get a Planned Parenthood appointment? I have health insurance, but naturally they can't answer any questions about what's covered til Monday either.

Also...if I do get the yank...I'm terrified of having to wait a month, then go through the whole insertion process again. Maybe it's better to throw down $$ at the doctor, and go through the entire process (removal + new one) all at once.

Recommendations? Ugh, I'm so bummed out.