May 8th, 2013


Finally got Mirena!

I had Mirena inserted Monday and just wanted to add my story to the others here. Here’s some background: I’m 23 years old, recently married, never been pregnant, a full time medical student, and have been on birth control pills since I was 16. I went on the pill in high school because I was missing a day of school each month from terrible awful cramps. A year ago I decided I wanted to get away from all the hormones in the pill in the hopes of feeling “normal” again. Since I had really rough periods before the pill, I decided on Mirena for the low dose of hormones instead of going completely hormone-free on a copper IUD. School is going to get crazy here in a few months so having a birth control that I don’t have to think about is a huge benefit as well. We want kids eventually but right now just isn’t ideal. My insurance ended up being weird about it and school started back up so I gave up on it. Fast forward a year and now the timing is good so I decided to try again with my new insurance and rumors that Obamacare would make it free anyways.

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Phew that was long. Here is my advice for people:

What I think made it worse than what I was hoping for:
- Not taking a full 800mg dose of ibuprofen
- Maybe not doing it during my period? Who knows
- Rude nurses who act like I’m not an adult sitting 10 feet away whispering about me, haha
- Confusion about when to stop my BC pills and when the insertion is supposed to happen (I wish I would have just asked to talk to my gyno directly and get info straight from her)
- While I was pretty well-informed from IUD_Divas and other internet sources, I was surprised my gyno didn’t give me more information about IUDs and think that some patients might have trouble getting important info

What I think made it better than what I was dreading:
- Having two heating pads (retroverted uterus = cramps in the front AND in my back/ass)
- Having a husband who was willing to get up to reheat my bean bag heating pads so I didn’t have to move
- Having the whole day off and having a ride (this way I wasn’t anxious about “Will I be able to drive home?” or “Is work/school going to suck the rest of the day?” and was able to relax before and after my appointment)
- Having an experienced gyno for the insertion, which only took 5 minutes
- The human body’s ability to forget pain (I remember that it hurt like a bitch for a few seconds but it’s a vague memory and I’d do it all over again for the benefits)
- Remaining laying down for a few minutes after insertion to focus on my breathing and let my body relax before getting up and walking around

Overall: The pain lasted for 10 seconds with some cramping the rest of the day. I feel totally back to normal now. I’d definitely do it again if I had to and would encourage people who are worried about the pain to go through with it anyways if the end result is important to you.

I go back in a month for my follow-up appointment and will update then! If anyone out there has questions about the process, I’m happy to answer them.

Mirena 1 year and spotting

This month will have marked 1 year I have had Mirena and it has been mostly great.
I went for a while at first without getting a period at all and last month in April I got my regular period and then spotted for days and days after making it a 10 day period! This month I got it again and am now on day 12, I would call the spotting a bit heavier than normal spotting and I don't feel that this should be happening a year in now. Has anyone else experienced this?