May 6th, 2013

Paraguard Problems!

This post will be alittle graphic. I have been using Sea Sponges on occasion, If you do not know what they are they are re-usable natural tampons (literally Sea Sponges). I was at the very start of my period and supposedly you can have sex with the Sea Sponge in. So my Hubby and I DTD and it got pushed way up there. While trying to fish out the Sea Sponge I felt my Paragard strings. I finally got the sponge out but am afraid I pulled alittle on the strings. Now I have anxiety about whether or not I moved my Paragard out of place. I just went for a check up last week and everything was in place. But I am not sure about how much force is needed to mess something up? Has anyone else ever been scared that they pulled on the strings?

Thanks in advance!

Paragard and issues

I guess I will start with my history. I am 36 with one child. I have had a Paragard three times, the first time I got freaked out because I couldn't feel the strings ever and had it removed at a year. The second time I kept it for four years after I was told it was ok that I couldn't feel the strings because my cervix is so high. Had to have it removed when I started having labor type back pain that wouldn't stop. The day it was removed, the pain stopped. The doctor did say the IUD was bent, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not. Went back on bc for six months and couldn't take it anymore. Got another paragard in Feb and this insertion was way worse than either of the previous two combined, it hurt so bad and I didn't think it would ever end, thought I was going to pass out. Also bled for a week after insertion (Didn't even spot with the previous two). I started taking red raspberry leaf in the hopes that if the pain would come back, it wouldn't be so bad. My cycle has always been 25 days and at the latest 28 days. I have missed a cycle one time a few years ago and they put me on provera for 10 days. Last month, my cycle was ten days late (one month after starting the red raspberry), took two tests and called doctor and was informed that the paragard could make my periods late. I have never heard this before, I thought since there were no hormones it shouldn't effect your cycle other than maybe make it heavier and bleed longer? Anyway this month I am now 12 days late, called doctor again and they said same thing, paragard can make you late. I have taken a pg test and negative. Also, I even stopped taking the red raspberry 9 days ago thinking maybe the red raspberry was making me late? Anyone else experience this? Also, noticed in the last month or so that the mucus stuff isn't there anymore, With each of the previous two, I had lots of "extra" mucus, but now there isn't any and I am sort of dry (sorry if tmi).
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The mucous-plug-like discharge

SO to the diva who said hers was the same-

I went for my 5 month follow-up and it turns out I had an infection. I don't know what infection (OB told me but I forgot) but it is asymptomatic aside from the yellowish discharge. So while a certain amount of discharge is normal with a copper IUD, apparently this mucous-plug-like type is not. I was given betadine douche as well as vaginal suppository antibiotics.

I just wanted to let you know so you can be checked out and treated if necessary.

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Uterus Anatomy/Paragard expulsion

I had my Paragard replaced today - I had one put in in December of 2009 and I mentioned to my doctor at my annual exam this year that my periods were long and I've had a lot of spotting - which I didn't think was weird at all for the Paragard, but she sent me to get an ultrasound and the IUD was sitting low in my uterus, I guess part of it was in the cervical canal but still far enough up that it wasn't falling out of my cervix.  I have no idea if it has been that way since it was put in, or if it moved at some point...but anyway I'm looking now at the removed IUD, and the strings are SO short - like maybe two inches at the most from the bottom of the IUD to the end of the strings.  I don't think my doctor cut them at all when she removed them.  I was sounded at 6.5 cm the first time, and when I measure 6.5 cm from the top of the IUD to the strings, there's only about 3 cm left - and I know at least 2 cm were sticking out of my cervix when it was in.  Are uteruses just that small?  And the distance between the end of the uterus and the end of the cervix as well?  It seems impossible to me that my cervix could only be 1 cm long.  I mean I know measuring the strings and IUD are not a good way to measure my uterus, but it seems to me that the strings are that short and the whole IUD was ever all the way in my uterus.

Has anyone else had spotting and then found out the Paragard was not in the right position and gotten it replaced?  I have no idea how much of that was just a normal part of having a Paragard and how much was due to it being in the wrong position...I guess I'll figure it out now that I have the new one that's hopefully in the right spot.  I'm worried now that I'll never trust that it's in the right spot since it wasn't for probably a long time and I had no idea.  My doc didn't want me to get an ultrasound for a few months, which I get since I'm sure it has to adjust to its new home and that might take awhile, but I'm still worried.

ALSO - the arms are slanted at an angle...I'm guessing because it was in the wrong position?