May 5th, 2013

Miwako confuzzled.

Post-period paragard cramping after two years?

Hello everyone,

I have been a Paragard user for two years now. I am 28 NP in a long term monogamous relationship.
My insertion was incredibly easy, and I haven't had any serious problems with my IUD until recently.

I haven't had any cramps during my periods the last few cycles, until after they are done, and the cramps get NASTY. They are so bad I wake up in the middle of the night trying to catch my breath. It gets manageable with some ibuprophen, but I'm still worried about what is going on.
The string (one of them is missing, nothing to worry about as I got it checked) is still there and the same length, but I can't help think about expulsion.

Has this happened to anyone? Would you see a doctor for paragard related cramps? Not sure if I need to get it checked out or just tough it out every month hoping it won't happen anymore.

How soon did you have sex without a condom?

I've been with Paragard for now just over two months and love it so far. My boyfriend was asking me if now that I was on birth control if I'd consider not using a condom during sex (or atleast try once). But always being super paranoid, I was quick to turn that down right now. Plus I'm scared that since it's so much better not using one, or atleast I've heard, he'll never want to wear a condom again.
I'm super paranoid but of course want to give it a try sometime.
Those of you on Paragard/Mirena, how long did you wait to have unprotected sex?
Were you nervous afterwards?