May 2nd, 2013

Mirena: month two

Relevant info: 31y/o NP, Mirena insertion: March 8. Pre-IUD- terrible cramps day before & first day of period for years. laparoscopy revealed "normal"- no endo, no fibroids, HBC most of the time since 15 y/o to try to control the cramps, but side effects were life-altering headaches. Non-HBC periods SUPER regular- 28-30 days- almost like clockwork.

About a week prior to my last period, (and placement verification ultrasound) I was having wicked painful weird cramps- intermittent dull pain, then shooting through cervix, vaginal walls & down my thighs- could not speak/walk/talk through the cramps. Advil/heating pad did little to dull the pain. The U/S tech said I had a recently burst ovarian cyst, so I chalked it up to that- though I have never had a cyst that I was aware of & ovarian a cysts are a potential side-effect, color me concerned... (I was also CRAZY PANTS emotional during my last period!!)

So now, I'm about a week out from when I'm "supposed" to get my next period- I say supposed, because I'm praying they will just go away... Anyway- I've been cramping for the last 4 or 5 days... Nothing extreme- (though I did have one cervical/vaginal cramp reminiscent of last month which scared the crap out if me! Not another cyst!!!) The cramps are controllable with heat and Advil, but they are starting a week and a half before my period is "due." I realize this is probably (hopefully) just the Mirena settling, but I need some encouragement...

Did this happen to you? Did it go away, or are you still cramping? How long did it last? Also, any feedback on waxing/waning on the crazy-pants emotional periods would be wonderful too!

I know everyone is different, but I would still love some feedback!