April 30th, 2013

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IUD *feels* like it's sitting in cervical canal

I've had my Paragard IUD for three months. A couple of times a month, I feel a sharp/splintering/radiating/stabbing pain through my cervix, like the IUD is trying to bore its way out. I can't think of anything else that would cause such intense, sharp pain in my cervix. This happens during midcycle cramps and during my period. When it happens, it can last from a few excruciating minutes to a few hours. This has been happening since January.

Should I be concerned that my IUD may be misplaced (and so not effective BC in addition to a pain in the cervix) or is this normal?


Paragard insertion and IBS


I had my Paragard put in this past Friday, four days ago. The insertion was pretty painful for me, especially because I'd been on HBC for 11 years and had very few cramps. I was also dizzy and shaky afterwards and had to wait about 20 minutes before leaving. After that, in the car ride home the cramping began, as expected. A heating pad, ibuprofen, and several hours resolved most of the cramping issues. I had constant minor bleeding for the last three days, but it seems to have mostly stopped today.

Anyway, my question is about whether anyone else has experienced an IBS flare-up after insertion. I've had IBS for about four years now, but I've been managing it quite well for the last two. Very few flare-ups. I drink tons of water and take fiber every day. Thursday evening before insertion I took the cytotec pill that was prescribed to me with a snack. I had a headache and nausea in the morning before my appointment, which was at 1pm, but no abdominal discomfort. However, on the ride home afterwards I started to feel a familiar cramp from my IBS days. I at first attributed it to the insertion cramps, but it has remained with me since then. It's on the right side of my abdomen, but I would say above the ovary. I've also developed the normal bloating, gas, and diarrhea that goes along with my particular version of IBS.

I'm wondering if this flare-up was instigated by the actual insertion cramping or the stress from the procedure. I'm also wondering if anyone else has felt a constant but mild pain in one part of the abdomen for days after insertion.


Editing to add this question:

After reading a ton of posts here, should I be actually feeling for the strings and aware of the placement of my cervix? I've never even felt my cervix, so this is kind of all new to me. Also, do I need to worry about the Paragard not being effective at preventing pregnancy? It seems like a lot of people worry about that, when I thought the entire point of the IUD (at least the copper one) was to prevent pregnancy. Sorry if my questions are dumb!