April 29th, 2013

not sure if any of this is related to mirena...

ok divas...i am struggling. For the last 2 weeks, I've had almost 2 headaches a day. Some really bad ones. I also feel depressed (I am on 300mg of welbutrin) and that I should break up with my boyfriend even though a week ago I was on cloud nine and very happy. I'm worried that maybe this is all tied into the mirena as I have read stuff like this online, but at the same time I know it may not be. I've had the mirena for 3 months now. part of me wants to get it removed just because if it is attributing to the headaches and they don't get better I can't live like that for 5 years. The insertion process wasn't the easiest for me so if I did get it removed and still ahd these same issues I probably wouldn't get it inserted again....I don't know... some of these emotions just don't make sense to me especially when I am taking an anti-depressant already.

IUD Story 2010 - 2013

I’m including may details in this post in case there are divas who are experiencing the same issues that I had.  I thought it would be helpful to post a long-term entry because I wanted to be certain about how my body was responding.  I also hope I don’t overly concern anyone about everything I experienced because I believe that each body will respond differently.
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Copper IUD, missed period

Hello Ladies, new to the community. I've spent a wee while reading around but haven't quite found what I'm after. Bit of background on me, I'm 34, never had kids, I've had my IUD in for almost 5 years. I have no idea what it's called but it's a ten-year one (bless the NHS). Apart from 3-4 super heavy cycles when I first got it in, my periods have been heavy but stable. Certainly for the last three years I've had a 28 day regular cycle, with definite "period is on the way" markers, one day of spotting and a 4-day bleed.

I'm currently on day 43 of this cycle with no signs of bleeding at all. I'm defnitely not pregnant according to the 4 HPT's I've done and the one the doctor did. Everything looks fine, no discharge, no stabby pains etc so the doc suggests I return in two weeks if I still haven't come on (basically if I miss my next period). I'm guessing that despite my cycle seeming regular (I would say I'm quite body-aware) that perhaps I didn't ovulate last month rather than anything sinister going on. As I say I've got nothing I would describe as pain, no sore breasts or nausea or anything that would make me think of displacement, expulsion, ectopic pregnancy or anything like that.

My actual question is, for anyone who has missed a period (whether with a copper coil or otherwise), did you feel like you'd swallowed a balloon? I've had to change into trackpants from my jeans as I feel so bloated. Is this going to hang around until I finally have a period? It's definitely worse when I'm sitting down, rather uncomfortable. Never thought I'd be quite so keen to get my period!
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Strange feelings of expulsion?

Hey ya'll, I'll try to keep this one brief ;-) I've been having paranoia about expelling my IUD. It's still there, hanging in there, but sometimes things just don't feel...right. Is that a normal getting used to it feeling (I've had Paragard only about 2 months) or is this a real concern?

Thing is, always around my period my cervix sits low (normal), and though I don't feel the IUD rod coming out of it, I swear I can feel it through my cervix, through skin, if I reach far enough. I noticed this one day while feeling for strings. I could always feel the strings, but then one day I followed them all the way up and felt something hard. Not the plastic rod coming out, but the IUD through a layer of skin, still inside. Does this mean what I fear, the IUD lost proper placement and migrated? Everything else seems normal down there. No pain, normal periods, no changes. And I saw the doctor for a check up after this and he told me all was fine (visual check only though, because ugh, of course). Sex is pretty infrequent for me, and I use a backup method anyway.

I'm going in to see someone regardless, I guess I was just wondering if anyone has ever had this feeling before, of feeling what feels like the IUD rod protruding through the cervix, but not having it (fully) expelled? It's strange. It's hung in there through some pretty heavy periods.