April 28th, 2013

Paragard: Anyone's period every start, stop, then start again during cycle? (read..)

This is going to be my second period since my Paragard insertion in early March and I'm wondering if my periods are always going to be this weird in the beginning or if this confusion I'm having is normal...
While running yesterday (of course in white shorts too...) I felt that I definitely got my period once I just started. I went back home and turns out I did, so got a tampon, and went back out.
The whole rest of the day and this morning there's no blood at all.
I'm confused if this is the start of my period since according to my tracker app because it's supposed to start tomorrow, or this is just nothing. & Haven't had much cramping at all.

Anyone else with Paragard ever had this issues?
Super confused if it started or not or when it well ahh.

Cautionary Tale and a Success Story?

Hello! This community has been the best resource ever! I mean it, too, because my doc gave me zero info on IUDs. (And yet when I get advice from a blog I'mmmmm the uninformed one....)

I had been sick of 10 years on the pill. Wanted to get off hormones because I had it in my head that they completely stifled my sex drive. I wanted to feel like "me" again! I asked my doc to switch to an IUD. This is where I should have gone elsewhere. The clinic didn't do them but he'd refer me to the local OBGYN clinic. They should know what they're doing, right? Well, turns out I live next to Ohio State. And so, this was a resident clinic. Meaning not much experience with IUDs yaaay.
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Switching from Mirena to Paragard...

Soooo....starting to hate the Mirena. I'm having a hard time. I think the hormones are screwing with me. I've had a non stop period since I got it placed at 7 weeks post partum on March 7. I know it can last 6 months but I hate this!! A steady period?! Has anyone had better luck with Paragard??