April 25th, 2013

Upcoming Insertion

So, I debated whether I should go with ParaGard or Mirena for my IUD. I researched, asked opinions of my mom, friends and boyfriend, and I wrote out the pros and cons on here.

[Quick recap: I'm 18, nulliparous, in a monogamous longterm relationship and I have never used hormonal birth control before.]

My final decision: I'm going to go with Mirena.

My reasons:

-I've come to realize that my period sucks. When I'm not on it I forget the agony I go through when it happens. I seriously thought I was having a miscarriage or something last month because it was so painful and paralyzing. I go through a super tampon in an hour, and I don't want that to get worse.

-The amount of hormones in Mirena is very small. And for all I know, it could make my body more hormonally balanced.

-I'm fairly certain that I can control any minor side effects such as acne and water retention. [I have also noticed a certain pattern when it comes to Mirena and acne; the majority of people who notice acne on Mirena previously were on the pill or another hormonal contraceptive. The pill can often clear acne, so it could be that the body is just doing its thing, and Mirena isn't the culprit.]

-My health insurance covers Mirena completely and does not cover ParaGard at all. I don't really have the money to pay for an IUD out of pocket, and my parents would not pay for me, so I will take a free IUD if I can get it.

My doctor wants me to call in on the second day of my period and she'll fit me in during that day to put the Mirena in, so that will be ~May 5th.

*Does anyone have any advice to give me for my insertion?*