April 24th, 2013

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Which to Pick?

I know this question's been asked a lot (I've been lurking here for over a year!), but I'll be able to finally get my own IUD in a couple of months and I'm such a worrywort.

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  • 24 and NP

  • No doctor to discuss it with, atm

  • Bad cramps

  • Bad skin

  • HELP, any advice would be awesome ♥

Mountain climbing :)
  • x3_kat

Any advice on how to stop worrying about IUD failing/side effects etc etc?!

Hello again, it's been a few weeks since I posted, but I am back!
So I had my 6 week post-insertion check last Wednesday and within minutes she said 'yeah, looks fine' and that was it.
So, anyway. Me and my partner had a weekend away and (hastily?) decided that condoms would be a mood killer. I had confidence in my IUD and we used pull-out method just incase.
Well, after sex, I spotted (ugh!), next day had some slight bleeding, but more a light brown colour. It then went away until Monday of this week, where I begun to get a pinkish mucousy discharge, followed by brown spotting on Tuesday, followed by a darker brown discharge today (slightly more too).
My last period OFFICIALLY started on the 1st of April and was very very heavy for 2 days and ended after 4. Not too bad. (Used to be 5, medium flow pretty much throughout - thought period was gonna get longer but hey, i'm not complaining if it's just heavier).
Do you all trust your IUD or do you use any other method alongside? Should I be worried?
Thanks Divas!