April 23rd, 2013

Mirena one month update

Hi divas. Just checking in to let you all know it's been smooth sailing so far with my Mirena. I think we'll be lifelong friends. No crazy side effects yet. I'm hoping none decide to pop up within a year or so, as I've unfortunately seen from some entries. However, I would like to comment on three areas: periods, sex, and strings.

Periods. I was due for a period soon after my IUD placement. I got the mirena inserted on the seventeenth day of my nuvaring cycle. My doctor told me to keep the ring in for three extra days. Thus, I would take out my ring on the 24th day instead of the 21st. With no stop in hormone replacements and only a change in hormone dose, I wasn't sure I'd have a period. But it came on Saturday, only a day later than I would have expected if I'd taken the ring out on my normal day. I had one medium day and four extremely light days. I used my diva cup during my period with no problems. I never felt my strings being pulled on. I've been using a diva cup for over three years. Not sure if that had something to do with it.

Strings. I kept touching mine several times a day for the first week. They would blend together to feel like one thick string, and I'd worry that perhaps I was only feeling one string. So I kept pulling the two apart to make sure they were still there. After my first period though, I stopped feeling for them as much. I feel like having the nuvaring in for the first few days kept the strings from curling back the way I wanted and expected them to. I feel that the diva cup helped with the curling process. Maybe these two conclusions won't hold true for some of you, but I put them here nonetheless. Honestly, I'm glad I gave my strings some time to curl back. I've read too many entries where women have trouble feeling their strings because they've been cut too short. I never want that to happen to me.

Sex. Nothing graphic here. Just wanted to say that my strings did poke my husband the first few times we had sex. We had to stop so I could tuck them back behind my cervix and then resume activity. He says he can feel them, the way he used to feel the ring inside me. But it's not an uncomfortable feeling. He minds them a lot less now that they've curled back.

Opinions on Paragard?

Guys I need your help!
I'm 17 years old and have never had a baby before. I have never been on birth control and dont want to be due to the hormones. I also honestly dont think Id be able to remember taking it everyday at the same time and I just honestly dont think its for me. Ive done some research and I think paragard is the best choice for me. I just have a major problem! Im not 18 and I was wondering if snyone here has gotten an IUD at 17? I was thinking maybe planned parenthood would be able to do it. Also how were your reactions to paragard if you havent had a baby before?

new diva here :)

hey all,

thanks to your advice and figuring out what was right for me, i got my iud inserted today. in the end, i chose mirena.

what also helped with the decision between mirena or paragard was that i had just gotten my period a few days ago and i leaked through a super tampon within 15-20 minutes. let's just say that when my guy and i had sex during the first two days of my period, it looked like a crime scene, haha. it was awful!

anyways, i was super nervous about the insertion and took 800mg of ibuprofen before my appt. when the clinician came in for the procedure, she had to calm me down for a good 10 minutes because i was so tense. by the time i was relaxed, she just talked me through each step and honestly, i think the speculum was more painful than the actual insertion. apparently, i have a long vagina (lol). i felt the tiniest bit of pressure but nothing worth crying or commenting about. actually, when she said, "ok, and now you have your iud". i was like, "what? that's it?". it really wasn't bad.

my friend texted me earlier, asked me how it went and i told her, "well, it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. now, i'm just SUPER loopy and craving tacos!". i just took a bubble bath and i'm feeling pretty relaxed. no cramping, pain or bleeding as of yet.

will keep you posted and thanks again for all your help! xx