April 20th, 2013

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IUD changeover!

Hey divas!

As can be seen from my previous posts, I am 21, NP, in a LTR and had a copper IUD (T-Safe 380A) inserted in October. Since then I had pain before periods and in the middle of my cycle, heavy periods, constant spotting, pain after sex - you name it!

But I couldn't take it anymore, so on Tuesday I had that IUD taken out at my local Contraceptive and Sexual Health clinic (I'm British) and had a smaller one (TT 380 slimline) inserted.

See below the cut for details.

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TL;DR: I recommend exploring the option of a smaller IUD if you are (like me) petite and/or NP and are experiencing pain. Hopefully this switch over will mean the cessation of my negative symptoms and mean I can finally start loving my IUD! :)

Anyone have a similar experience? Please let me know!

Choosing an IUD

Hey, guys. I came across this community a few weeks ago when researching IUDs. I'm trying to decide which IUD to choose from, since I've heard good and bad about both of them. This community is a good place to find good and bad experiences, which I think is useful. I feel like other places just have bad things. Like, all of the women who had bad experiences team up and make other women really scared to try IUDs.

A little about myself: I'm 18 years old, nulliparous, and have never been on birth control. At the moment, my boyfriend and I only use the withdrawal method (pretty bad idea, I know). We used condoms for a couple months of our relationship, but we slowly phased them out because we hate them and feel pretty safe. Which is bad.
My periods last about seven days altogether: 3-4 days of moderate flow (days 1-2 heaviest), 3 days of spotting. My cycle is 29-30 days.

I went to my doctor on Thursday and talked to her about birth control; she suggested Mirena, for the reason that more of her patients have chosen it and it makes periods lighter. She said she didn't have much familiarity with ParaGard, just because only a few have asked for it.

I think I want to get ParaGard, for a few reasons:
-I'm afraid of extra hormones
-This might be minor to some, but I really don't want to lose my sex drive
-I could handle a heavier period
-It lasts longer

That being said, if my doctor thinks Mirena would be a good idea, she would be the person to listen to- she deals with birth control more than I.

What do you guys think I should do? My doctor told me to come in on the second day of my next period, so I have about 2 weeks to schedule my appointment. I want to make my decision before then, preferably.