April 19th, 2013


Mirena removal

Hello all. Got my Mirena removed today -- would have been 4 years this coming September. Hurt for a split second, and then it was done. Am pretty crampy/ucky now, taking some valerian and chilling in jammies. Hope to be better tomorrow. I LOVED my mirena, and only had it removed as am getting ready to start TTC. (Which is still blowing my mind, lol!) Haven't had a period the entire time I had it, and haven't had a non-hormonally-messed-with-period since I was 17, 14 years ago, as I've been on all kinds of contraception since then. So...going to do two months with condoms, before we actually start having the sort of intercourse we are *hoping* will lead to a baby. But yes, loved my mirena-- i'm nulliparous so insertion was AWFUL but it was the best BC out there for me. now if my uterus would just calm down for the rest of the night that would be awesome.

* oh-- and weird: one of the practitioners at my obgyn told me wait 2 months before ttc after mirena so uterine lining can be solid/stable/existent, but the one who removed it today told me no, i was good to start trying whenever i wanted. going to wait a bit anyhow as need to get more prenatals in system first but even so. odd.

* oh and even with insurance they charged 145$ to remove it. THAT WAS PRETTY CRAPPY. I called planned parenthood and the local women's clinic and they also charged about the same even w/o insurance. It only cost 20$ to put in, w my insurance, and it's the same insurance as then, but now it's 145 to removed. GO FIGURE.