April 12th, 2013


I am prone to headaches regardless, but they were getting better with some chiropractor treatment and massages. However, I am starting to get one everyday and I am worried it may be from the mirena. Anyone had headaches alot after being with Mirena for 2 months?
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Experiencing serious cramping for more than half my cycle with Paragard

Hi all.

I've had my Paragard for four months. The first month was awful - severe cramps all day every day, light spotting. I spent the month lugging a heating pad to and from work and curling into that heating pad hours a day.

My cramps have lessened somewhat since then, but the past three months, my cycle has shortened from 34 to 27 days. I've had severe cramps and heavy bleeding from days 1-14, then the bleeding stops and I have ovulation cramps that are somehow even more painful than menstrual cramps (though usually confined to a couple of hours of extreme pain not relieved by heat or painkillers, vomiting from pain, and running high fevers). I have about one week that I feel good, and then the pre-menstrual cramps set in.

Needless to say, it's hard to feel good overall and exercise when I spend so much of the month in pain. Any tips for dealing with this? Any hope that it will get better? I saw a dramatic improvement from the first month to the second, but the second, third and fourth months have all been the same level of miserable.

I've also noticed that I'm more susceptible to vaginal tears during sex, and that sex is less pleasurable overall (though part of that is anticipation of the bad bad cramps that always show up a half-hour or so after sex and last for a few hours).

I feel out of shape from spending so much time curled up with heating pads but exercise isn't an option when the cramps are really severe. I take Vitamin E every day, which doesn't seem to help much, but I'm reluctant to cut it out in case it is helping more than I know.

Thanks, and take care.


I feel like there's not much information about Skyla at all throughout the internet. Thankfully, I can help :)

I recently got Skyla inserted, about a month ago, and I love it! Best choice I've ever made when it comes to birth control.

Here's a little background info for you guys. Ever since I've gotten my period, my cramps made me bedridden. I'd have to miss school for a week every single month because I didn't have the strength to get up. My flow was ridiculously heavy for my size (I'm 4'11 and I weigh 94 lbs). I had enough of dealing with a natural period so I went to my doctor and they gave me the pill. The pill would work for about 3-5 months, then all of my symptoms would come back. Each time that happened, I got switched to a new type of pill. The amount of different pills I've taken over the course of 5 years was insane. Recently, Ive been having pain throughout the month. My doctors thought I had cysts or even endometriosis. They ordered me to get an ultrasound to check for cysts, in which I had none. Unfortunately, the only way to check for endometriosis is invasive surgery, and I was NOT about to let that happen. Eventually, my doctor mentioned that Skyla was recently approved by the FDA (and by recently, I mean within a week of it being approved). He told me to finish out my birth control pill pack and to come back for insertion when I'm either on or just getting off my period.

The insertion honestly just felt like period cramps. Yes, it was uncomfortable but no it didn't exactly HURT. The only problem was that I was not aware of the possible vasovagal response... I passed out when I was walking to my car. But 10 minutes later I was up and feeling 100% better. I spotted for barely 2 days after and I didn't have cramps.

Throughout the 3-4 weeks I've had Skyla, I LOVE it! My random pains that occurred throughout the month were GONE. The period that I'm currently on right now isn't making me feel like a prisoner of my own bedroom (except for now, but I'm just so happy I wanted to tell someone!). Overall, if the pill isn't working out for you, Skyla is definitely an option. Plus, I dont know if it's only in North Carolina, there was a law passed for certain insurance companies about IUD's and birth control options. I dont know the specifics but I got Skyla for free. No insertion charge or doctor visit charge or anything.

Here's to 3 years (or more) of enjoying Skyla! :)

Got my Paragard :)

Hey everyone! I'm new to this community although I've been lurking for a few weeks as I was deciding whether or not to get an IUD. I decided to share my experience with you because reading the information on this site really helped me become more informed and comfortable with the IUD, so I hopefully my writing will help anyone who is still unsure or uncomfortable :) WARNING: Post is pretty long and I go into alot of detail

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Who am I and why did I choose an IUD?
I am currently a 20 year old college student finishing up my junior year. I have one more year of college left and then an 8 month unpaid internship which is mandatory for my career choice.. so obviously I am in no position to get pregnant right now. I have a steady boyfriend that I have been with for 7 months, both of us are happy and plan to be with each other for a while. We became sexually active about 3 months ago when I lost my virginity to him and we used condoms. Since he is the first guy I've had sex with, I had no idea that condoms would be so uncomfortable for me. There was no amount of lube that would keep me wet and every time we had sex, I would be in excruciating pain. One night, we got a little.. hot and heavy.. and had unprotected sex (bare, no condom but no worries I didn't get pregnant) and it felt so much better. I knew that condoms were not the way to go for my body. I researched other forms of birth control and considered going on the pill, only to find out that there were nasty side effects and that I would have to remember to take it every day.. which does NOT work for me. I found out about IUDs from the Planned Parenthood website and became intrigued. A form of birth control that was over 99% effective AND low maintenance??? Seems too good to be true!!! Over the next few days I did all kinds of research on the internet, trying to find out everything I could about IUDs to see if it was right for me. I found out that you had a choice between Mirena and Paragard; Mirena being a hormonal IUD and Paragard being non-hormonal. The non-hormonal Paragard became extremely appealing to me because I did not feel comfortable with hormones and I was concerned that the hormones would make me gain weight, affect my moods, decrease my sex drive and dry things out down there. It was from then on that I pretty much had my heart set on Paragard. I read everything I could about Paragard and experiences from people who have Paragard. Of course, there are so many horror stories about it online that I read and I and I got freaked out about it but I realized that for every bad experience, there are probably 20 good experiences with it. People are more likely to write about a negative experience than a positive experience, and every body reacts to things differently. I decided to take the plunge and schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN.

Getting the IUD and Insertion Process
My first doctor appointment went smoothly. I told the doctor I wanted an IUD and she seemed a little hesitant. She then explained to me about how the IUD worked and also all the other forms of birth control that are available and how they worked to make sure that I was informed. I still wanted the IUD so she said ok and told me that I needed to have a pelvic exam and cultures of my cervix done first. I agreed and she left so I could undress. She came back did the exam; she used a device to hold my vagina open and then took some swaps of my cervix to make sure that I do not have any STDs. Then she did a physical examination of the area so make sure I had no cysts or weird bumps or anything like that. The whole experience was mild discomfort, nothing too bad. Then she gave the all clear and said my cervical cultures would be done in a few days. She told me that since I have not been pregnant, it will be more difficult to insert the IUD and it might be extremely painful. She warned me that she has had girls pass out or vomit during insertion and that really freaked me out.. but I was determined to get it. She then gave me an instruction sheet for how to prepare for the insertion. She told me that I had to wait until I was having my period to get it inserted and she gave me a prescription for misoprostol (Cytotec) that I was to insert deep into my vagina the day before my insertion so that it will soften my cervix. I read that people usually get two pills (1 to insert the night before and 1 inserted on the day of the insertion) but the doctor prescribed me 4 pills, probably because my cervix was particularly hard. And that concluded my first doctor visit :)
Insertion: Fast forward to when I got my period. I scheduled the insertion to be on day 5 of my period, since I couldn't do it any sooner. My flow would have been almost done but the Cytotec had made me keep bleeding so I had to use a large pad. My insertion was bright and early at 9AM and my boyfriend drove me to the medical center. He gave me a large Vicodin to take as a pain reliever instead of the recommended ibuprofen, which I think helped alot. I was called in to the room and the nurse did the routine stuff.. blood pressure, weight, etc. and she also asked me to pee in a cup for a pregnancy test. Shortly after, the doctor came in, explained what he was gonna do and asked me to lie back in preparation for the insertion. I opened my legs and tried to calm down but in my head I was so scared. First, he inserted the device to hold the vagina open. That wasn't that bad pain-wise, maybe like a 3/10. Then he swabbed my cervix with iodine to disinfect, didn't hurt at all.. only mild discomfort. Then came the sounding. Ooh lordy.. lol. He stuck a long thin rod up into my uterus to measure how big it was. I was not listening for the sound as I was concentrating too hard on deep breathing. It was an interesting sensation, albeit very painful. It feels similar to a pinch, and it feels exactly what it sounds like: someone sticking a long rod up into your uterus. I would rate that pain 6/10. Then finally came the actual insertion of the device. The doctor told me to cough and he inserted the device. That was extremely painful, more painful than the sounding. I do not know how to describe what kind of pain it was, but rest assured it was extremely uncomfortable and it felt like something was there that wasn't supposed to be there. It kind of felt like someone was kicking my uterus (lol). I would rate that pain a 7.5/10. Finally after that he was done. I was extremely light headed and my mouth was dry. One of the nurses commented that I became very pale. I laid there for about 5 minutes in pain, too afraid to sit up. My uterus was cramping like crazy and menstrual blood was coming out. Eventually, the cramping subsided after about 10 minutes and I sat up, although I was still in pain. One of the nurses brought me some cold water which helped immensely. I had to sit there for another 5 minutes until I could bring myself to finally stand up. Upon standing up, I could not feel the device in me like I thought I would. I only felt like I was having really bad menstrual cramps. It was a good thing I brought extra pads with me cause I was bleeding really bad from my vagina cause of the cramping. I put my clothes on and called my boyfriend (who was waiting for me out in the parking lot cause he was too chicken to come in lol). He picked me up in the front and took me home. Overall, the procedure itself probably took about 5 minutes and I was there for about 40 minutes total.
BTW ladies, if you can have someone drive you to the procedure, it will be extremely helpful. I was a little too loopy on the vicodin to safely drive myself to the procedure and I was in too much pain to safely drive myself home from the procedure.. so I am extremely grateful that my boyfriend could drive me.
Stuff that helped me get through insertion process:
1) If you can get a stronger pain reliever, use it. Taking Vicodin before the procedure REALLY helped to dull some of the pain sensation down there. I think if I had taken ibuprofin like I was instructed, it would have been much more painful for me.
2) Deep breathing during the procedure. For me, when I am scared sometimes I forget to breathe lol. Deep breathing helped to give me something else to concentrate on and it also tuned out some of the sounds from the procedure. Whatever keeps your mind from thinking about whats going on down there will help.
3) Eat something before you come and drink plenty of fluids. It will help.
4) Have the mindset that you WILL get through it. Don't be afraid of the pain.

After insertion: I had horrible cramps that whole day. I took two more Vicodins that day which helped immensely. I also laid around in bed and watched Netflix while my uterus was practically screaming at me lol. Basically I took it easy. If you can get the day off work or school, do it. Cause if your body is like mine, you are not gonna be in any kind of mood or condition to do any work. Napping also helped alot.

Right now it is two days after the insertion. I've had light cramping all day yesterday and today. It also feels like the device is moving around in my uterus as it is cramping all the time. I do not feel any strong pain though, just typical cramping pain. Taking Aleve helps alot. But I did some jogging today and I had no problems :) I also noticed that I have increased "wetness" down there and I feel like my sex drive has increased a little, which it fine with me. So far, so good. But it is still early so I will keep you guys updated. I think I will like this Paragard though!

So there you have it :) I hope me sharing my experience with you guys will help with your IUD experience. Good luck divas!