April 11th, 2013

Positive Mirena insertion

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share I had my Mirena inserted today and it went great. I love my OB and have been going to her for 15 years. I have 1 child and have been dealing with heavy irregular periods and estrogen dominance. My OB/GYN reccomended Mirena. One thing I want to mention is to do your research. Do not be afraid to ask questions and specifically to find out how many IUD's your doctor has inserted. I believe experience plays a big role. My doctor has inserted hundreds. We literally chatted about Disney World the entire time. I felt a sharp cramp during the uterus measurement but she told me she was done and I didn't even realize it! I would call around and ask every office how many the doctor has inserted and how comfortable they are with the procedure. It is your body. Never be afraid to ask questions and interview different people if you do not feel comfortable. I have heard many horror stories so I wanted to share my experience. I had some bad cramping when I got home so I took ibuprofen and now it is much better several hours later. I would love to hear from others to see if Mirena has helped with heavy periods and estrogen dominance. Thank you so much for this site. It is a great wealth of info. I will try to update as the weeks and months go by. I realise everyone is different as far as side effects go so what I read may or may not happen to me.

Thanks! : )

Mirena and Pain during Exercise?

Hi All,

I have had my Mirena for exactly 3 weeks tomorrow. The insertion was relatively easy, very little discomfort afterwards. For about a week after, I had some mild backaches, but those cleared up quick. Alas, a new issue has reared its ugly head.

I exercise quite vigorously most days. I have a black belt in Shotokan Karate, run and spin, and do some dance as well. My doctor warned me to give myself a a week or two to let Mirena settle before jumping back in. A week ago, I started exercising again with my normal frequency (about 60-90 minutes every day). I immediatly notices that during vigorous exercise, I feel cramping in my lower abs and upper legs - it feels like menstrual cramps plus. I confirmed that I wasn't suffering a new injury. Has anybody else experienced pain from an IUD during workouts? Is it a passing problem, or can this be long-term? I've found very little about IUDs and athletics in general, so I thought there might be some exercise fans here who might have some tips.