April 8th, 2013

One month with Mirena

So today I've had my mirena a month to the day. Im beginning to hate it. Im also beginning to get impatient with the settling in process. Since placement (which was HORRID,) I've had a non stop period with on and off crazy back and front cramps that require heating pad and aleve. Cant take too much because I'm nursing. I haven't bled this long since i first started having periods at the age of 12. I guess the only positive things to say are, yes, its effective at preventing pregnancy, and besides the nonstop period and cramping, i haven't had any other side effects!

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IUDs and lack of menstruation

I am 26-years-old and never-been pregnant. I had a copper/Paragard IUD placed in November and had minimal pain the first day and have been fine since.

However, I have not had a menstrual period. I bleed a bit the few days after the IUD was placed but no real period that suggests ovulation. I had previously been on birth control pills, for nine years.

I know that it is likely not the copper IUD that would be causing this, really how could it be? But every time I call my gynecologist's office, the office staff brushes me off or sighs and says "do you want a pregnancy test?" No, I have bought about 12 pregnancy tests and all are negative. I'm concerned I have some disease here.

Even though I am happy with my IUD, does it seem as if I should get it removed as something is obviously wrong with my body? Give my body as much chance as possible to regain normalcy?It's been 5 months without a period. I do not have any health issues that I am aware of.

Expelled Paragard after 17 months–should I try again?

Hi all,

I posted once here before regarding the wonderful combination of Paragard periods and running... and I'm back with another question.  Well, a long, annoying story, and a question.

I'm 26, no kids, and I got my Paragard hardware installed in August of 2011.  I mostly loved it, aside from a sometimes shortened cycle and heavier periods.  I certainly felt more confident and "natural" than I had in all my years on BCP, knowing that the Paragard wasn't really affecting my emotions, body image, etc like the pills were.  Unfortunately, things began to go sour this past fall, and I ended up expelling my IUD sometime between November and January, getting it removed at the end of January.

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I suppose my question is this: basically, I'd love some reassurance... I had my Paragard for 17 months.  I know there's a greater risk of expulsion for the second IUD, but I had mine for quite some time with no explanation as to why it suddenly wanted out.  My gyno had literally no idea.  I've read some back entries, but would love to hear any stories of success with a second Paragard, especially with an initial expulsion after 3 months–I only have one close friend who's used it, and she's lost 3, so that's not that comforting.  Also, does anything else I've written about send out a red flag for anyone?  The HPV, the BV... are these things that I should worry about moving forward, or does this just sound like a lot of bad luck as once?  My gyno did say we could consider it in the future when I got the first one removed, and I have an appointment Thursday to discuss it with him.  I suppose I'd just love to hear from some other IUD users, since again, I don't really know any.  Also, any advice on how to relieve IUD-related anxiety would be appreciated, haha.

Thanks for reading!


can't decide which iud is right for me!


SO, SOOOO HAPPY to find this community. i have been researching for the perfect iud for months and still don't know which one would be right for me. basically, i want an iud that doesn't change a thing about me (both mentally & physically), except maybe help me with lighter periods/less cramps.

i'm 26, nulliparous and have NEVER been on birth control.

- i do not want to deal with mood swings (i'm emotional enough/have had a history of depression - i see a therapist weekly)
- my periods are HEAVY - where those super ultras only last 3-4 hours during the first couple days of my period
- my cramps are painful
- i have great skin and an incredible sex drive (my guy and i will have sex 3x a day!!)
- call me vain, but i do not want to gain weight

i'm afraid the horomones in mirena will mess me up, but i'm also afraid the paragard will make my period/cramps even worse.

what would you all suggest? any advice/comments would be much appreciated! xx