April 5th, 2013

First Mirena "period"? Maybe?

Hey y'all!

Relevant info:
31 y/o NP, insertion March 8, 2013- during period. Normal (non HBC) periods are average flow and about 4 days on a 27-30 day cycle like clockwork. I was on NuvaRing for about 6 weeks prior to insertion, but no HBC for about a year previous to that.

I think i just need some reassurance: the end last week and over the weekend I was having some CRAZY cramps- not my normal "my uterus feels like it's trying to turn itself inside out- holy crap OW" cramps, but rather super intense shooting pain down my cervix, through my vagina, down my legs and occasionally through my rectum. These cramps did not respond to Advil or a heating pad like my normal ones do, and I was disconcerted to say the least- they would stop me in my tracks & I could barely talk through them...

I went for my verification ultrasound on Monday & talked to the tech a bit (she is on her second Mirena- cool!) she said it looked like I had an ovarian cyst that recently burst on my right side & that makes sense, because the cramps calmed down Sunday afternoon. She said she only ever spots on Mirena, and while she was looking around on the ultrasound, she said my lining looked pretty thin, and I should probably only spot as well since my period was due to come this week.

Well, Wednesday I started cramping again, this time, more like my usual cramps, with the occasional shot through the cervix/vagina, but not constant. I also started spotting later in the day, and have been cramping & spotting on & off since... Seems like my body is trying REALLY hard to get the lining to shed, but since there isn't a lot there, it's trying harder. I've checked my strings & my cervix, all seems to be well there, so I don't *think* I'm expelling.

Sorry about the novel, I'll wrap it up by saying: Anyone else experience something like this? Do you think this is my "period"? Will the cramps chill out over the next few months? (OMG, I hope so, as I'm living on Advil!)

Any insight/experience, however anecdotal, are welcome and appreciated!!

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You can read the whole thread here:


But basically my dr ordered a CT scan to locate my iud after not finding it on the ultrasound or X-ray and I freaked because she gave me zero info. Well I went to the CT scan yesterday and I was complaining to the tech about how I had zero info from my doctor and she told me that my healthcare system uses MyChart which allows you to view your medical records online.

I signed up as soon as I got home and whaddoyouknow my test results were already up and the IUD is in place. It also said that I have calcified endometrium, don't really know what that means but google seems to think it's no big deal :)

I also looked at the u/s results, which said they couldn't locate the IUD. The X-ray results said it was there but "probably too high." As someone pointed out, I don't think it's possible to have an IUD too high, so maybe the radiologist doesn't understand IUD placement? I don't know but my general conclusion is that the radiology department at my hospital is incompetent and my doctor is a flake. It's definitely time to seek care elsewhere!

Oh and for the record my doctor has yet to call me back so my state college liberal arts degree brain is trying its best to understand this dense medical terminology and I could totally be reading things wrong, so who knows.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your support! I stumbled upon this group in a time of confused desperation and I think I will stick around because, darn it if y'all aren't just amazing :)

NuvaRing to Mirena transition?

Hi all,

I've been a long-time lurker of this community as I've explored my various birth control options, but have only just joined. I'm so grateful that this exists as a cohesive resource for women like me looking for answers.

Anyway, I wanted to pose a question to all of you that I do not believe has been asked yet. I'm wondering whether there are any Nuvaring-to-Mirena converts out there who have previously had trouble with moods/anxiety on Nuvaring and can speak to whether they continued having trouble with the hormones in Mirena in that regard.

A little background: I'm a 22-year-old woman in a long-term monogamous relationship who has been on and off birth control for roughly two years now. I initially began on the generic pill Sprintec and continued for half a year, which culminated in a prescription for Xanax as my anxiety gradually worsened. I stopped taking the Sprintec for about half a year (while the boyfriend and I were on opposite sides of the world), experienced fewer anxiety issues, and stopped taking Xanax. Upon returning to the US I re-started Sprintec (monophasic) and immediately began having issues. After speaking to a doctor I switched to Tri-Sprintec (triphasic) and only stuck with it for about two months before quitting after my anxiety began to grow once more.

I switched to Nuvaring then, hoping that the local nature of the hormones/etc. would lessen the mood effects. For the first few months, I was fine. But around month 4-5 of using it, I experienced extreme mood swings and anxiety, seemingly completely out of the blue, for 2-3 months in a row. I went off Nuvaring and my anxiety levels returned to normal after about 1.5 weeks. I have now been off of birth control altogether for nearly 3 weeks and feel fine.

That said, I would really like to get an IUD (and my insurance will now cover it), specifically Mirena, but I am nervous about the hormones' still having effect. I am open to getting Paragard, but already have somewhat heavy periods and am not eager to have them worsen. I am aware of the very low level of hormones in Mirena compared to Nuvaring and have seen the previous polls in this community regarding reported levels of moodiness/anxiety on Mirena, but I was wondering if there were any out there who had experienced moodiness/anxiety on Nuvaring and had gotten a Mirena, and could speak to their experience.

Thanks in advance!
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