April 3rd, 2013

Strings suddenly much shorter?

I recently had Paragard inserted less than a week ago and I have been sexually active since I got it. It felt fine at first, the strings were at least an inch long if not a little more and I definitely know how to feel for them. I have had unprotected sex and felt assured that nothing would go wrong because I trusted the IUD. I had never had sex without condoms but I felt like the Paragard was going to pull through for me. But last night I felt for my strings and they were very short, only a tiny bit was poking out of my cervix. I am really nervous now that something is wrong with my IUD? I don't feel like it is expelling because the strings are definitely there but it is as if my uterus sucked them up or something? It is too late for me to take a Plan B now if my IUD has not been working. Has anyone else experienced this?

What isn't my doctor telling me about the possibility that my IUD has migrated?

Hi Divas! I don't usually seek advice on the internet but I'm having a difficult time getting information from my doctor and you all seem like the experts.

So here's the stats: I am currently 30 years old, I've had two children via c-section but no vaginal births. I had the mirena inserted at my 6 week postpartum appointment on February 22, 2013, at this point in time I was still experiencing bleeding from the birth, and I doubt it was my period as I am exclusively breastfeeding my child, and my last first period after having a baby was much heavier. The insertion was very painful and I have bled continuously since that day, I have also had continuous mild cramping, not really enough to take an advil, just a general soreness in my pelvic area.

At my 4 week check up on March 22 my Dr. was unable to locate my IUD strings and made several attempts to find them including using a brush. She told me that everything was probably fine but that I needed to have an ultrasound to verify the placement of the IUD and that she would call me with the results. When I had the ultrasound the tech told me that he couldn't discuss what he was seeing with me and that I would have to discuss everything with my doctor. One day after the ultrasound a nurse called and left me a voicemail stating that I needed to go in for an x-ray to check the placement. I was unable to reach the nurse when I called back so I left a message and went in for the x-ray the next day. I was told by the x-ray tech that it could take up to 48 hours for the results. When three days had passed and I still had not received a call from my Dr's office, I began to call them and leave a message each morning, finally, one week after the x-ray, a nurse called me back and said that I need to go in for a CT scan to verify the placement of the IUD. She did not have many details except that the device was 'maybe too high' and that I needed to continue to use a back-up method of birth control. I asked her if there was any chance that the device had embedded in my uterus and she said that they would need to verify everything via CT scan. I asked her to have the Doctor call me, but I have yet to receive a call from her.

I have the CT scan scheduled for tomorrow but I am worried that it will take my Dr another week to get back to me with results. Has anyone out there had an ultrasound + x-ray + ct scan and had everything turn out all right? I feel like if things were correctly placed it would be clear on the first two sets of images and the CT scan seems like a very expensive and extreme measure to verify something that is 'all right'. My hubby thinks that the device has probably embedded itself and my dr ordered the CT scan to plan a course of action for surgery. I just don't know and nobody seems to be willing to give me any information. I'm hoping that somebody out there who's had a similar experience can give me a little insight.

Many many thanks!

Questions about expulsion

Hi divas,

This is my first post, though I've visited this community a lot as a non-member for the past two years. This has always been a good resource for me, both before and after I had my IUD put in. So here's why I'm posting...

I've had my copper IUD (paragard) in for a year now. I'm 27, never been pregnant. Everything has pretty much been text book...  Longer periods and more painful cramping the first few months, then a gradual return to my normal cycle. I've always been really happy with it.

In early March I noticed a weird rash. Turns out it was a staph infection, so I got it treated with antibiotics (thankfully did not have the drug resistant variety). The antibiotics messed up my cycle though. I spotted for about a week before my period would normally start, and into the week that my period should have occurred. (I will note, at this point, that there is no way I could be pregnant. I have not had sex since November.) My period finally came a week late, and lasted for 12 days, plus another 2 days of heavy spotting. I haven't had a period last this long since I had my IUD put in.

Anyway, now that the bleeding has finally stopped, I went to check my strings and they feel longer than they normally would after my period. Usually when I check after my period I can just feel the tips of the strings. During my period I'll feel them looped around on themselves near my cervix. Right now they feel as long as they do during my period, but obviously I'm not bleeding anymore... Now, I haven't had any awful pain, just minor cramping that I associate with a normal period. I have occasionally felt a pinch in my abdomen when I bend forward to tie my shoe or pick something up off the ground though. When I first had the IUD put in, I'd feel that same pinch but I eventually stopped noticing it.

So I'm not sure if it's expelled or not at the moment. What do you all think? I'm planning on making an appointment in the morning and hopefully they can check. So here are my questions...

  • How do they check to see if it's been expelled? I've moved since I had it put in, so I can't see my original practitioner who would know how short she cuts the strings.

  • If it's been expelled, will they allow me to get another one of the same kind put back in? The copper IUD is the only birth control I feel comfortable using. I get severely depressed on hormone birth control. My mother also had a stroke at a very young age, and the doctors believe it was related to birth control.

  • Am I really going to have to pay for it all over again? I'm uninsured, low income, and I already paid for half of this once already. ;_;

Thank you for any insight you can provide!