April 2nd, 2013

IUD with no children?

Hi Divas!!

First time here...sorry if this has already been discussed but I was just wondering if any women would like to tell me about complications they had as far as insertion, post insertion etc. Particularly women who have never had children or have a copper IUD? I know my primary care doctor really doesn't want me to get a IUD due to my age, never had children and size (umm... paps are terrible as is) I'm only about 5 ft, not sure if that makes my uterus any smaller but in my mind I've told myself that its going to mean more issues.

I'm aware of the possibility of cramping/vaginal bleeding etc but I'd like to know what I'm really getting in to. I've been seeing all kind of sites on the internet like this one talking about uteri being punctured and even things like infertility and birth defects. I don't want children right now- but I know in the future in maybe 5 years or so that I want it to be an option. How common is this really? I'd rather hear it from women that have it in than sites that are just kind of searching for the worst case scenario. I've taken Yasmin and Ocella and *knock on wood* didn't get any blood clots so I try to keep an open mind to things

Im only in my early 20s but don't want to use hormonal birth control methods anymore and so I was thinking of the Copper IUD over Mirena anyways. But im pretty sure the issue with them is more about what they are (foreign body) than what theyre made of..in which case im pretty sure the copper one is even worse since its part metal LOL! But I'm seriously sick of the side effects of hormonal birth control so really want a way out. Any help, guidance or stories would be much appreciated!

Also anyone with Kaiser HMO know how much they paid? Usually I pay a copay of $15 a visit and $5 for any medications
Thanks again :D!!!