March 31st, 2013

The Sentinel

Cramping during ovulation?

So I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating right now as it's that point in my cycle (I'm also using the PinkPad app that was recommended on this forum to keep track of my cycle), and I'm getting "period" like cramps. They're not really bad but they just feel like mild menstrual cramps. Is this normal?? Is this consistent or will it go away after a few months? (P.S. I'm one day shy from having my Flexi-T 300 for a week.)

I usually get REALLY aroused around the time that I'm ovulating... I had a pretty sexy dream last night and woke up a bit wet. This is pretty normal for me, but is the cramping?


Hi everyone,

I had my copper IUD inserted almost two weeks ago-- so far so good. I'm thankful for this community as reading all your experiences really helped me in my decision to get one, so thank you!

I am not really sure when I can expect my period since I stopped the pill on the day I got the IUD, so I bled for a few days after insertion due to that. I had some cramping this morning so that could've been ovulation... not sure. Anyway I am expecting my period to be heavier and more painful and want to start taking supplements to help with that. There was a recent post on Vitamin E-- does anybody else have any other recommendations for supplements/vitamins/herbs that help?

Thank you!