March 29th, 2013

Second Paragard Insertion

I'm a 21 year old who has not have given birth and will not intend to until I'm in my late 20s.
I had to get my first IUD out because it was the bottom plastic tip was visible from my cervix.
Here is the previous post I made --->

I go into the clinic to get my first paragard to be removed and to have a new one put in.
I go in the room with my SO and the physician comes in with a trainee. I agree to the procedure being done with two pair of eyes on my lady bits.
First they take out the first IUD and then they go in with the new insertion procedure. There was a point in which they forgot to prepare the sound device in advance, so I'm laying on the table with my lady bits exposed for a good 3 minutes. Finally, the trainee comes in with the sound and the physician sounds me and puts in the paragard. I want to say that this second insertion hurt more than it did the first time. For my first insertion the tenaculum was what hurt me only, but this time t was the sound and the actual insertion that hurt me. Since I have never experienced cramps in my life, I got to feel them more prominently with this second insertion. She trimmed my strings and was done. I asked if I could have the IUD as a reward and she agreed. I will post a picture of it when it first came out and after I washed it clean.

During the night, It was hard for me to sleep because I would experience cramps and it didn't help that I had contracted a urinary tract infection. Now, I don't know how I contracted it, but I sure don't hope it was from the insertion.

This post is just to keep everyone posted on my process. Thank you.

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4 hours pot-Skyla insertion

So today I had my much (anxiously) anticipated IUD insertion. This was my second attempt at an iud insertion - my previous gyno tried 4 times to insert Mirena and it was the worst pain I have ever felt, I wanted to leap off the table and run out of the place, bare assed and all. She said that 'it wouldn't stay in', which in afterthought sounds ridiculous but whatever. The medical assistant (who I went to HS with and is super nice) waited until the dr left the room and then told me to stay laying down for a few minutes and that maybe I should try another one of the dr's. At the time I was thinking 'like f**k' am I going to put myself through this torture'.
Fast forward a few years and a few different birth control methods.... I have grown to hate the amount of hormones that the patch is depositing into my body, it totally freaks me out. I had an abnormal pap the previous year due to HPV and the gyno who handled the pap and the biopsy was the best and I trusted him, seeing as how calm and direct and honest he was (while I was a scared mess) during the biopsy.
When I called to make the appointment the medical assistant (same nice girl) let me know that there was a new, smaller IUD being marketed as the IUD for women who haven't given birth. She let me talk to the dr and he agreed; I told him about the previous IUD attempt and he said that he thought Skyla would be best, and that while it would be uncomfortable, he didn't think it would be anything like before.
So fast forward again to today - I had my sister drive me and come in with me (she makes me laugh, and she was making the staff laugh with jokes about IUD Barbie - seeing as Skyla is tiny and bright pink). I am on the first day of my period (planned that way after researching on this and other sites) and the dr confirmed this after he inserted the speculum (warmed, thank God). Then he swabbed my cervix with betadine-so far so good. Then he dilated my cervix with something which was uncomfortable - cue deep and regular breathing; then he did the measuring thing which was a jolt of pain for a second (I think; at this point I started panicking in my head) still uncomfortable, like a constant deep cramp. Then he told me to cough, "wha?", he told me to cough, a real cough. Guess what is almost impossible to do when you're pried open with some guy up to his eyeballs in my nether-regions? I managed to cough, no idea what that was about. All these things are being tossed into the garbage, Im thinking 'when the freak is this gonna be over?' Then there was another poke and a jolt that was less painful than the measuring deal. I realize that I'm sweating, he asks "are you ready for me to start?", I mumbled a pitiful yes and then it was over. Jerk.
So now I have some pretty significant cramping on my left side, I'm taking Tylenol which helps and I'm using a heating pad on both my lower back and my left side. Not too bad - I managed to vacuum, put away some laundry and make dinner for the hubby. I'm just afraid to pee, which sounds stupid I know.
Sorry it was so long ;)