March 28th, 2013

Discharge and Gynotex Questions with the Paraguard

Hi! I've been poking around here for a while during the decision process for my new Paraguard ("installed" the 15th!) and I thought you all might be the best people to ask regarding a couple of questions that I've been having trouble finding the answers to.

1. With my period and the worst of the spotting tapered off, I'm still getting lots of discharge. It doesn't seem like yeast or BV, and there are a lot of places on the 'net mentioning heavy discharge as a side effect, so I'm not worried about the fact that I'm getting it. I am, however, having a hard time determining if this is something that, like the spotting and cramps, will ease off over time or if I'm stuck with it as a side effect until the Paraguard's removed. I know this might be a YMMV thing, but indication of a trend might still be helpful. I can deal with it, but jeez, that's a lot of discharge!

2. My period is irregular, something that I suspect won't change with the Paraguard (my cycle varies between 4 and 6 weeks). I got the IUD for birth control in time for my wedding in a few months. While I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my uterus/ovaries/hormones will behave and I won't get my period over the wedding and honeymoon, the possibility is making me nervous enough that I'm looking into options for non-messy period sex just in case. I know the Softcup generally isn't recommended for IUD users, but the next best thing I can find is Gynotex soft tampons. Has anyone used these with an IUD? Is it recommended/not recommended, comfortable to use, etc.?

I really appreciate any responses for these!

good Mirena insertion experience for 32-year-old nulliparous woman

This is the story of my good Mirena insertion experience. I had been reading without joining for a long time before I got my IUD and many of the stories scared the heck out of me, since I am a total wuss about any pain and was totally afraid of the insertion and possibility of expulsion later. So I wanted to add my experience to show that insertion can be totally fine.
Consultation on July 30, 2012: I scheduled a consultation with my gyno because the pill and the NuvaRing both seemed to knock out my sex drive and condoms in general have too high of a failure rate for me to be comfortable with them as a long-term option. My gyno talked with me for about 20 minutes and answered all my questions and helped me choose which IUD to get. I went with the Mirena because my period has always been pretty light and I didn't like the possibility of heavier periods on the ParaGard.
Insertion on August 2, 2012: I discussed it with my boyfriend and then returned three days later for the insertion on day 14 of my cycle. I had my boyfriend drive me so he could do his part:) The night before I took misoprostol that she prescribed to soften the cervix. It began like a regular pelvic exam and then she inserted the sound to measure and quickly inserted the IUD after that. This was the part I dreaded but it honestly was not that bad. I've never been pregnant so it was just really weird to feel something going through my cervix into the uterus. I would describe it as a poking feeling in the inside of your body. I felt a sharp cramp or two during the measuring and insertion and then it was done. I expected pain but it was really more like a poking feeling and then my uterus cramping a few times. I've had worse cramps during a regular period. My gyno had me lie there for a bit and then I got that odd shaky, sweaty, dizzy feeling that she said you can get when your cervix is opened. They gave me white soda and crackers and it went away.
After insertion: I went home and lay down on a heating pad, took Advil every four hours, and watched movies for the rest of the night. I had some cramps but nothing bad at all, just more annoying than anything. I had cramps off and on the next day and I spotted for about two days. Then a week later I had some cramping again. My next period came on time with some spotting the two days before. About a week later I had cramps again and then it was back to normal. I went back 3 weeks post-insertion and she said everything looked great.
Eight months later on March 28, 2013 : My next four periods after insertion were very light with no cramps-just some spotting for about two days and then a super light period for a day or two more. Four months after insertion it was literally just a smudge of menstrual fluid for a day or two and that's it. It has stayed like that since then. My gyno said that it's not really necessary to check the strings, as you would know if it had expelled. It has been eight months since insertion and I am very happy with my decision so far. I welcome any comments or questions!

Bleeding before period is supposed to begin...? (TMI)

So I'm supposed to get my period in 5 days according to a tracker I have on my phone (which is super helpful) This morning I woke up and was surprised to see a lottt of bloody discharge. I didn't think much of it because I was used to spotting for awhile because I got my Paragard inserted almost a month ago.
I went to work, nothing super major. But then later a bunch came I assumed I just got my period early. I put in a tampon, it filled completely. I put in another and left it in for a few hours, it was completely clean when I took it out. I'm so confused if this is my period or just a lot of discharge before it begins is normal!

Again...super TMI but I trust posting on this site!
The Sentinel

Bloated - I feel like a whale :(

So, it's only been three days since my insertion but I've seriously been bloated like I would be during the first couple days of my period! I'm not spotting though! and my period is still weeks away!

Also, after reading posts on this board and numerous other sites, I've come to the conclusion that it seems to be the absolute norm to be checking the strings (or string in my case as Flexi-T 300 only has one) every so often, even though I was told by the nurse at my insertion not to check them...

So I emailed the clinic today asking about this and the counsellor who got back to me told me that yes! It's fine for me to be checking them! UGH! And yes! It's fine for me to have sex with my boyfriend, BV and all! Way to mess with my head, Women's Health Options. >:/

So I tried to feel for my strings. I have short little fingers so it takes a lot of effort for me to even be able to touch my cervix... so I squatted as low to the floor as I could and finally got to it, poked around a bit... I THINK I MAY have felt something momentarily, but it was really far to the left of my cervix, felt like maybe it was wrapping around or something? So I tried again and felt nothing.

My boyfriend came home from work and after freaking out a bit, he offered to check for me. So he washed his hands a couple of times, lubed up a finger and went in... Said he felt nothing... !!! UGH!

I'm getting kind of worried. As I mentioned above, I am seriously REALLY bloated and every so often I have dull "period" like cramps. I also started to feel like I had a UTI so I went to the doctor today and sure enough, I do. So more antibiotics... on top of the flagyl for the BV. I've yet to have intercourse with my boyfriend because I think I'd rather wait until I'm done the antibiotics. I have no idea how it's going to feel or if it'll hurt, but the anticipation is kind of killing me here!

Like I said, I think I MAY have felt something upon initial inspection but it was really hard to get at and definitely felt like if it was there it was wrapping around my cervix...

Are these things normal--the bloating, the dull cramps three days after insertion, and not really being able to feel the string? I'll try again in a day or two, but I don't want to be poking around there too much as it seems like it would be more detrimental than beneficial, especially considering the BV and UTI. :/