March 27th, 2013

One year anniversary with Mirena/Strings poking the heck out of the hubby. Help!

Morning, Divas:

This month marks my one year with Mirena. I've posted here before with random (and thankfully normal) freak outs.All of you are so wonderful and giving with your advice. It's really is an awesome forum.

Other than those little hiccups, the Mirena has been damn near wonderful. Except for one major issue.

My hubby feels them constantly. He's, um, well endowed. I push them up, we change positions...nada.
It's starting to really put a damper on our "play time".

On my annual check up, my doc trimmed the strings back just a touch and tried to curve them up toward my cervix.
Unfortunately, it didn't work and the poking is even worse now.

I'm at my wits end. Can those who have used the sea sponge as a barrier share their success or failures with it?
I'm also afraid of it yanking on the strings.

Any advice or help would be fabulous.

Thanks, Divas!

String Check-Up

Today I am going to the Doc to have a check up and make sure everything is in place. Wish me luck! i have anxiety just thinking about the possibilities! I will post an update tomorrow. So far i think everything is good. i have had no problems <3

Post check-up with my doc! (first one)

Today I had an appointment with my doctor to make sure everything was well up there with my Paragard & that the string were okay... Good news! - Everything looks perfect she said!
In the beginning I was a little like 'um....what's happening here..round two of insertion?' when she put some kind of tools down there like the last time.. guess it was just to open my up though.

It's been almost a month since insertion, & I'm very glad so far with my decision to get Paragard. I was expecting the worst with what I read online or horror stories of the cramps and bleeding... but neither were awful for me at all. Just have ibuprofen with you just incase :)
Anyone on here considering it...I highly recommend!

IUD Expulsion

Hi all!

I had my paragard for more than 3 months now, and as the title states, it is showing signs of expulsion. Here is my paragard insertion experience--->
Some background information from me: I am 21, not a virgin, and Ive never been pregnant. Also, I use a menstrual cup when I'm on my period.

So far so good with the paragard. I really love my little copper friend, but apparently my uterus does not. hahaha
No pregnancies so far. No increase of menstrual flow or cramps. I have never felt a real menstrual cramp, just pressure, but even that is very rare.

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My question for you ladies or men, is are there any other IUDs that would best apply to me? (hopefully none hormonal and in California). Has anyone experienced this before? (I'm sorry if this has been asked before). Has anyone heard of the fertility monitor LadyComp, or has used something related?

Thank you in advance, I much appreciate the time and your reply.

Year Of Paragard - Unsure if I should remove it due to health issues...please help!

Hello! I know this is a bit lengthy, but I would so appreciate your help and advice!

I have had my Paragard for one year next week, and am just about at my wits end. I am 24, NP, married to the only sexual partner I've had (and we're both STD free), and didn't have any issues with my periods other than severe cramping prior to my IUD. After I first got the IUD, I had some random cramping and bleeding for a month or so, but then it kind of leveled out. I still had bad cramps starting about a week before my period, but my bleeding was fairly normal.

In November, I had some localized pain near my right hip that was pretty intense, so I took an 800mg ibuprofen (which ALWAYS knocks my cramps out), and went to bed about two hours later. Fast forward two hours, and I woke up in intense, nauseating pain from the same spot. It got really bad and then finally began to lessen. For several days afterwards, I had some small (but chunky (ew?)) bleeding. I contacted my gynecologist's office the next day and the nurse practitioner said it sounds like I had a cyst rupture. She didn't seem terribly concerned about it, though, and I left with her checking my IUD (just by looking at it) to make sure it was in place, which it was.

Since November, I've had almost daily bleeding (most of the time it is light, but nearly every time I wipe there is blood, and I've worn either a pad or panty liner just about every day since then, and the days I don't, my panties suffer). I've also had cramping almost every day- which sucks. Sometimes it's in the same spot near my right hip. Sometimes it will switch to near my left hip. Sometimes it feels like it's radiating down my vagina in intense waves. Sometimes it feels like typical period cramping. But it happens during all points of my cycle and can switch around during the day.

I finally went back to the doctor in January (but just a general health doctor), and she ordered an ultrasound and gave me a referral to a gynecologist. The ultrasound found a small cyst on my left ovary, but nothing "abnormal." They also confirmed the IUD was in place. When I spoke to my gynecologist about it and told her all of my symptoms, she literally shrugged and said "I don't know." So frustrating!! She took some swabs to see if there were any infections and it turns out I have a yeast infection, which I am positive is a result of having to wear a pad/panty liner every day for the past 4 months. My gynecologist has yet to call me with the next step. I absolutely do not believe a yeast infection has been causing my abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain.

Options the dr. gave me include removing the iud and trying BC pills again (which I really do not want to do). I like the IUD and had no real problems with it for 7 months before this all started. I do not want to just throw "maybe" solutions at my body, hoping something helps. I want to figure it out, and then fix it! My doctor seems fairly unwilling to do that.

Does anyone have any experiences like mine and any advice they could offer? Is it probably the IUD and I just have to deal with it or remove it? Or is it worth trying to figure out what is going on before I start changing my BC? I am so frustrated and tired of fighting this battle with my doctors and my body. ANY advice you have would be so appreciated!! Thank you!!

Positive Ultrasound Results with String/period questions

Hi everyone!

I'm 18, nulliparous, and have had my Mirena for about 2 months now. I am not required to go for a pap until I am 21, so the only time I have seen a gynocologist was for my IUD insertion. She chopped the strings flush with my cervix and did not tell me to check them. I only knew about the strings from the brochure that came with the Mirena. I stopped being able to feel the tips of the strings after about 3 weeks and my family doctor was not 100% certain that he could see the ends. He ordered an ultrasound and I was told that my placement is completely normal. The strings are still inside the cervix as I cannot feel them at all. My question has to do with my period. I got the Mirena inserted on the last day of my period, and had consistent bleeding for 3 weeks. It stopped right around when my next period would have normally started. I have had very little spotting up until last weekend, and now I have had consistent light/medium spotting with mild cramps for about four days. This is still about 7 days ahead of what would have been my expected period. So should I consider this a period even though it is early or does that not matter because I didn't have a period last month? All the gynocologist told me was to expect irregular bleeding for about six months, and to call if I had any severe pain. I had two negative pregnancy tests last month after my strings disappeared (one on the day of my expected period and one 7 days later) before my ultrasound verified the IUD placement. My boyfriend and I use condoms and want to continue to do so until we can figure out when/if I should expect periods, since I am not able to check my strings. So is this a period? And also, now that I know my ultrasound is in place do I have to get it checked again at regilar intervals even though the gynocologist did not mention that, since I won't have a yearly pap for another 2 years? Thanks everyone!