March 24th, 2013


One Month Update

It's officially been a month and a few days since my IUD insertion. Things have gone fairly smooth and I don't have any many complaints or worries. I had cramping for a few days, nothing horrible, actually more annoying than painful, and a dose of Motrin knocked them out for about 24 hours at a time.

I'm going to go ahead and say that I have had some sort of spotting for the whole month. I never had spotting before so I'm not really sure that's what it would be classified as. I've had this brownish discharge that doesn't look like blood (unless its very watered down) and is thin. It looks more like residual iodine from the insertion than anything else, but I'm not sure I'd still have any traces of iodine up there. Anyway, it's very thin and panty liners are enough too keep it at bay.

I have had a couple of instances where I had intense, sharp pain when sneezing, but only when seated. If I sneezed while standing or laying down, nothing. This happened to me once before I had the IUD inserted so it wasn't a huge alarm for me, but still not the most fun experience. The pain subsided almost immediately, but still caused me to cringe for a few moments.

My period came a day early and was precluded by a few blood clots that were about the size, shape, color and consistency of raisins. The period itself was just as heavy as its always been (bummer) and lasted about two days longer than usual (double bummer). I did experience some PMS symptoms, which is rare for me. I ate a lot and gained about 5 pounds, which hasn't fallen off yet. I had fatigue, which is usual for me, but my usual breast tenderness wasn't present. I also didn't break out which I was happy to see, typically around my period I will get a zit or two.

I have had random sort of cramps around the right side of my pelvis where I assume my ovary is, and it sort of radiates down toward my thigh. It's not super painful and it normally subsides after a few moments, but my over active imagination does wonder if one of the arms of the IUD is like poking my ovary something. But I'm pretty sure that's not even physically possible. I'm not currently sexually active so there's no way it's an ectopic pregnancy or any such thing.

I do have to admit that I'm pretty terrible at checking for my strings. I may have checked for them a total of five times since insertion. I always intend to check on them in the shower, but I always forget or get distracted (can we say short attention span?).

All in all I'm very happy with the IUD so far and the few aches and pains and even the five pounds I've gained are totally worth it.

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Copper IUD - metal smell

I've had my paraguard for about six months now and recently I had started to notice a strange odor down there...I had never had anything like this before so I got a bit worried. I have this brass (copper/zinc) necklace and as I was passively playing with it around my neck, I noticed the same smell!

My vagina smells like copper!

Has anyone else experienced this? It's quite annoying...should I get it checked out?
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Abnormal Bleeding

Hey Divas,
I have posted in this community several times and I have always been pleased with the responses that I've gotten, so here goes (please forgive me for length)!
So I have had my Paragard in for almost a year now - my "anniversary" is going to be on April 12th. I am 20, NP.
In early December or so, I began having abnormal spotting... it continued until about the middle of January - about 7 weeks total. I went in to see another gynecologist since I was in the Bay Area and my normal one is near my school in Sacramento. It turned out that I had a cyst on my right ovary. The doctor prescribed me Levora birth control tablets and it stopped the bleeding for about a week and a half until the 1st of February when I started heavily bleeding (even with the Levora tablets which normally don't include much bleeding). I figured it was my "actual" period bleeding through now that the cyst was gone or something. So, I gave it some time. However, after a month of painful cramps, passing "chunks" of blood and heavy bleeding... I went back to my normal Gynecologist who prescribed me Aygestin... a medication used for abnormal uterine bleeding and I stopped the Levora because of it. She said to take Aygestin 2-3 times a day until the bleeding would stop and then take it once a day (it helps prevent cysts - so I am supposed to stay on it).
Well, I've been on Aygestin since the 26th of February and I am still having extremely painful cramps for 5-10 seconds several times a day (some days are worse than others) so I've been taking a LOT of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen. I spot heavily if I don't STILL take Aygestin 2 or 3 times a day. In other words, I CAN'T take it just once.
This whole thing is just a pain in the ass and I don't know what to do. I don't even know what's causing it! My hormones all appear normal... I have wondered a few times if it could be scar tissue or even uterine fibroids but I know those are supposed to be painful. Each time I've had an ultrasound to check my IUD and my cysts everything has been normal for the most part.
I am just SICK of bleeding!! I want to be able to walk around naked and not wear pads or tampons and have sex and this just sucks. I also feel like no one is really paying attention to the actual issue: I have been bleeding a hell of a lot! It can't be healthy. Has ANYONE ever had this issue with Paragard? I have checked the tags but no one's bleeding sounds quite like mine.
I just want to know I am not alone 'cause at this point I'd be okay if I never, ever had a period again even if it would mean no kids in the future. I am just so fed up.
Sorry for the bitch-fest :-/
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Listen to your body

A week and a half ago, I went to my ob/gyn to have Mirena inserted. 12 weeks after having my second child, it seemed like the best form of birth control for me. I'm done having kids and tired of taking the pill every day. The insertion was more painful than I expected. Dr. told me to expect some cramps for the next two or three days. Not only did I have cramps, but debilitating pain two days later. I felt like there were needles going through my cervix and the cramping was reminiscent of child birth. Three days after insertion, a friend, an ob/gyn came over to visit. I asked her if she thought my pain was normal and she didn't think so. I told her I couldn't feel the strings either. She told me that if I was still in pain on Monday, to come to her office for an ultrasound. Still uncomfortable, I went to her office Monday morning for an abdominal and vaginal ultrasound. The technician thought she saw the IUD but the strings were clearly missing. My friend told me she would send my films to another specialist to take another look considering my pain. Wednesday morning, I got a frantic call from her that the IUD was missing. They hadn't seen it in my uterus after all and now it was missing! I called my regular ob/gyn and she brought me in right away to take a look herself. As she couldn't find the strings either, she sent me for more ultrasounds - still no IUD; an xray - still no IUD; and finally a pelvic ct scan. They finally found it - between my uterus and rectum. It had perforated my uterus (1% chance) and landed in my pelvis. She scheduled me for laparscopic surgery the next day to remove the IUD and she would have a colorectal surgeon on hand to examine my bowels for any tears or problems. If there was, I could need repairs or even removal of a piece of my small intestine. Thankfully, they were able to do the surgery without further complications. The Mirena hadn't done any more damage. Three days later, I'm a bit bloated, sore, and groggy from general anesthesia. Just wanted to share this story because if you have pain, please have it checked out. If my friend hadn't gone for a second opinion, I would still be sitting here with an IUD floating around outside my uterus. I'm now back on the pill - no more IUDs for me!
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New Copper IUD user (inserted as emergency contraception), is this my first period? REALLY WORRIED!

Hi all.
I am a new user of the IUD and hence a new member of this forum so hello!
My story:
I'm 18 years old. I had sex for the first time 3rd March, fair to say it was not planned and we were both very drunk. (He was 26).
Anyway, woke up the next day feeling extremely depressed, ran to the pharmacy and took levonelle. I was told there that I had a higher chance of it not working seeing as my period was roughly 2 weeks previous to the 'incident' and i would have been in the fertile stage.
I felt so sick with fear because I know a baby is not and never would be an option for me at this point in my life. NOT AN OPTION. It makes me feel terrible to say it and I'd rather not have to make that decision.
I went online to see if there was anything I could do to further reduce my chances of pregnancy when I came across the copper IUD which is supposed to be far superior as an emergency contraceptive than either of the pills.
So, without much research, I pretty much begged the nurse and doctor I seen 3 days after if I could have one inserted and they agreed and reassured me it should work. A terribly painful experience, had to drive home after it and thought I was not going to make it, BUT I kept thinking to myself 'Well, i've done the right thing, hopefully it will be worth it'
Anyway, my period has not been very regular in the past but I really would be expecting it by now. I got a glimmer of hope when there was (sorry, TMI) but a 'glunk' of mucousy blood this morning. However, since then, there has been nothing but slight brown discharge but not much at all. I am very bloated though but my breasts aren't sore like they would usually be before my period. I was extremely tired last night to the point where I was falling asleep slumped on the table and felt quite dizzy, but i'm fine today pretty much.
I took a pregnancy test at the doctors on Friday and she assured me that it would definitely have shown up by now, and the 'good news' is that it is negative.
I do not know if this is because this is my first period with IUD and I don't know what to expect really.
Really need some advice because I'm losing sleep over this. I CAN'T be pregnant. This has put me off the whole idea of sex again!
(And just for the record, i'm still seeing the guy and we've only had intercourse once again after it.)
Should I wait a few more days?
Thanks in advance!!

Mirena to copper


I'm switching from Mirena(which I've had for 7ish months) to Copper because I'm prone to depression/acne and the Mirena seems to be causing both. I am 25 and NP. Some questions:

1) Is the procedure to switch going to hurt as much as the initial insertion?
2) Has anyone had experience with depression on Mirena? It seems pretty severe right now (though that could be because of unfortunate life events.)

Thanks ladies.