March 23rd, 2013

Agus Dei

A little anxious

So this might come off as a bit dumb so forgive me. But I was on a Mirena for five years and no problems and I just switched to a Nova-T early this month. The thing is. I have NO idea if or when I should have my period. I had never had a period while on Mirena (maybe some spotting). My SO had some intercourse but he hasn't ejaculated inside me, and I made him were a condom last time we boinked.

So insecure question of the day is...
-Should I have my period and what would it look like on my IUD?
-What should I do if I don't have one
-Can I have PIV sex with my SO without a condom?
-Should I wait until my placement appt?
Oh and I feel my strings, so I know that thing is in there. I hope I am just being silly its been so long since I had a period.

ETA:  I can't feel my strings. Shit.

Thinking about having my copper IUD removed :(

Hey all!

I've been getting more and more annoyed with my IUD recently. I got it in the middle of October, so it's been almost six months. 21, NP.

My symptoms:

  • Pain after intercourse: when I have sex or masturbate a lot (using a toy for example) I get incredible, agonising pain about twelve hours afterwards.

  • Random spotting STILL! The discharge is usually brown, sort of raisin-y and sometimes painful.

  • Very painful, irregular, heavy periods. My last two have both lasted twelve days.

My SO and I had our anniversary on Thursday and I was in horrible pain - so much so that I was in cold sweats during our fancy meal and then we couldn't even have sex!

Essentially everything is still going really badly. Please can I have some support that it will sort itself out? Or recommendations? Advice? Or even someone saying that it actually sounds okay to have it removed?

I live in the UK so it's free to go to the doctor - and I will do as soon as I can, but I just wanted to see what you ladies had to say?

EDIT: I have been to my local sexual health and contraception clinic, and I'm going to get my T-Safe 380A removed and a Multiload CU375 (which is MUCH smaller) put in. I know it's going to be a horrendous experience - it's on the 16th April - but I just hope that my body gets on better with one that's a lot smaller!