March 22nd, 2013

Successful Mirena Insertion (and coming home on the bus)

Hi Y'all:
Okay, my backstory is pretty well documented here: 27, no children, no prior pregnancies. I had an insertion attempt with a Paragard that ended due to my cervix refusing to cooperate. I have had an Implanon as well. Early this morning, I had Mirena inserted. My doctor used a cervical block of lidocaine this time. For religious reasons, I ingest no painkillers. So with all that said, this is my story of insertion (but also what's happened after!):

I took about 400mg of Vitamin E about 90 minutes before insertion. I also (and this was the big thing) bought some disposable heating pads. ThermaCare was the only brand I could find (but I'm sure others exist). They were 7 dollars for 3. They last 8 hours each. I took one in my purse and told them I was going to put it on when I got dressed. The cervical block is a quick pinch (if you can handle any other shot, you can handle it). My insertion did not happen on my period. I did not feel the tenanculum placement AT ALL. I was sounded - my doctor said that he sounds women who've never had kids, because there is a far higher chance that they will be too small as opposed to women who have had kids. I was not surprised by the strength of the cramp - it was strong, but not strong enough to cause tears. It was less OW and more OH. What took me aback was the other stuff. I had an epic hot flash (the lovely assistant gave me an ice pack). I was able to get up quickly and move around. So pretty good.

My biggest fear was about getting home. My boyfriend is currently out of the country and nobody else was available, so I needed to take the bus. I didn't want to be in horrible pain on the bus or anything like that. As soon as I got dressed, I put the heat pad in my panties (if you do this, make sure to wear bikini or brief-style so the patch can fully stick). Heat is most effective BEFORE the cramps peak, so I think the sooner you get it on, the better. They can take a few minutes to heat up. I also sat in the front office for a few minutes to take more Vitamin E and Cramp Bark. And I think walking slowly helps. I would say that if you need to make your own way home, take your time and move as slowly as you need to. Once I got home, I had a big meal and left the heating pad on. Within 3 hours of insertion, the cramps are largely gone. Hopefully, this means good things.

I'm very grateful that I found this community - that's how I found out about cramp bark, vitamin e and other solutions that are compatible with my beliefs. I do believe they helped a lot.
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Switched from mirena to paragard. I'm on my second period in two weeks.

Is this normal? I had my mirena removed and the paragard inserted on 3/5/13. A few days later I got my first period in two years. It was a breeze. Only lasted 3 days and only minor cramps the night before. 9 days after it ended, it's back. Is this normal? I know you can spot in between periods but this is a full blown period. No cramps at all this time though. Could this be my body's way of getting back to normal? The hormones from mirena should be gone by now right?