March 19th, 2013

IUD Inserted, but still always paranoid after sex. Am I the only one?

Since getting my Paragard IUD insertion, my boyfriend and I have had sex a few times. Prior to this form of birth control, we would have sex but he would never finish inside and I would always push him to check for leaks afterwards. Still, I would always be paranoid until I got my period (which would sometimes be late because I'd be stressing over it!)
Even with this now inserted, I'm still a but next period will be my first one with Paragard.
Should I be worried? He still never finished inside!
Does everyone else still ever get worried?
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Helpful app for tracking periods: Pink Pad!

I mentioned this in a comment in my last post, and thought this would maybe be helpful for others who've never heard/tried this app before.
It's called "Pink Pad." Here you can track your periods, as well as it'll tell you when you're most fertile during the month. You can list your symptoms, and if you're late it'll tell you by how many days.
Though I'd give it a little shootout! :) I love it!

(It's also on Androids!)