March 18th, 2013

Clots after Mirena? TMI warning!

Hi Divas! I've had my Mirena a couple of weeks now and I love it, other that spotting and a few cramps no side effects so far. However I have been having clotting but it's not like normal period clots? The only way I can describe it is it's like dead clots - brown and dry, it's really odd. I've never had this before. I usually have really heavy periods but I've never seen these before and I'm slightly worried. Has anyone else had this with Mirena? I was going to leave it until my check up and ask then but it's starting to worry me a bit. I don't think anything is wrong with the Mirena as I haven't had unbearable pain or anything that would signal infection or that it's not where it's meant to be. Just wondering if this is normal? I have endo if that matters. Thanks!
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Mirena - 10 Month Update

I posted my insertion story 4 days after I had my Mirena inserted, you can view that here

My insertion was very easy and nearly painless. I do have a horrible history with birth control pills so the Mirena was my last shot at using HBC.

I had spotting almost daily for close to 3 months. Around the 3 month mark it was less frequent and less dark. i did not have a normal period until the fifth month and even then it was only a few days of VERY light bleeding.

Ever since my first Mirena "period" I have a bit of spotting for a day or two every other month now which I use a liner for a few days and then I am good.

As far as symptoms, I do suffer from mirgraines with aura. I typically get them every month with my period, however since Mirena I have only had a handful. Some months worse than others, I am not sure why or what causes it, but the episodes have decreased.

Overall, the worst PMS symptom I can say I've experienced is breast pain and soreness. I have had months where I feel incredibly bloated and a lot of symptoms almost feel as though I could be pregnant with the breast pain and bloating, but these symptoms seem to have surfaced around the 6/7 month mark and are not as bad now at the 10 month mark.

What I am noticing now, that I never had before, is more frequent cramping and back pains...I haven't had a period/spotting for than a day in two months and have never had as much cramping. I called my doctor and they said it could be stress related, and to follow up in a few weeks - has anyone else experienced this?

Overall I am very happy with the Mirena as I have never had luck with birth control before. Prior to Mirena I had long, heavy uncomfortable cycles every two weeks and this has really changed my life. I'll take a few negative symptoms as I see it outweighs everything else for now.

I have two more months until my year - so hoping these cramps and back aches go away! I fully trust my Mirena and I hope I can keep it for 4 more years!!