March 12th, 2013

Preparing for IUD insertion

Hello Divas,
Hi I am a wonderful mother of two and I have been on the pill Loestrin for abouta year now but i want to get rid of the hormones due to the fact that i have been having costant headches and retention of water that wont let me loose weight. So I have been reading about both IUD's Mirena and Paraguard (Copper) and up to what I have researched and what you divas had guided me to that the Paraguard is better that the Mirena i have had my consultation the Dr. approved it and scheduled my insertion on april 11, 2013. I am very nervous because i have read that is less painful when you deliver you babies vaginally but unfortunately both of my children were deliverd by C-section. so my question is how can I prepare myself for this procedure? What are the best pain killers out there that I can take? Please help very nervous to how it is going to go.
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