March 10th, 2013

first period with paragard?

since i finished my drawn out insertion of paragard, i have had brown discharge just a little maybe needs a panty liner thats all. recently there has been red blood and it is the time of my period, but today was more so red still fairly light. Has anyone had lighter periods with paragard?? I didnt have cramps before and i was told they could be worse for me that meant they may exist, but i havent had any. Im not pregnant either because i had my first go around with sex last night and it wasnt a fertile day (plus this start before and i know nothing of pregnancy related symptoms would occur today). Just wanting to know what everyone first period was like!!

P.s I didnt feel anything different during sex it was like non existent!! however, i am actually embarrassed to admit that I dont know how he felt because sadly it was part of his cruel way of dumping me so we obviously didnt discuss it after what he said to me lol.

Iud allowing egg to be fertilized?

So my Dr told me that iuds allow sperm to fertilized your eggs, but stops your egg from attaching to your body. How many of your Drs told you this? It seems to be a well hidden fact to me. I only saw one post on the internet aout it and I believe it was on here. No offense to you divas at all, but I couldn't make that choice without feeling wrong so I chose the arm implant. I'm just trying to really ask if you all can confirm this as well?

3-year Anniversary with Paragard

You can read my 1st and 2nd year updates here:

Here's the tl;dr version: I had a pretty awful adjustment period that lasted about 8 months.  By the time my 1-year anniversary rolled around, things had pretty much stabilized and I haven't had any serious issues since.  Cramping is back to my pre-Paragard level, but comes at a different time of my cycle now.  My periods are slightly longer than before my Paragard (7 instead of 5 days) but the first and last days are basically just spotting, so it's no big deal.  I haven't bothered checking my strings for a very long time - I honestly can't remember the last time I checked!

I'm just so thrilled I was patient and allowed myself time to adjust to my copper buddy.  This was definitely the best decision I made in terms of BC and I'd absolutely do it again in a heartbeat.  Extra bonus is the 12 year lifespan - my guy will be getting snipped at some point, but we don't know when that will be.  In the meantime, we'll keep relying on my Paragard as our sole form of BC.

I really enjoyed reading long-term updates while researching Paragard and after my insertion, so I hope this is helpful for others who are on the fence or need some reassurance!  

why is there no hormonal IUD which prevents ovulation

Let me first clarify that I know how hormonal IUD's, specifically mirena and skyla, prevent pregnancy. They thicken cervical mucus, make sperm mobility inside the body more difficult, and thin the uterine lining. They are also known to trigger the release of a protein which prevents sperm and egg from binding should they happen to meet. Now these are all handy prevention mechanisms. But I'm reading about all the lovely things hormonal IUD's do, and I started to think to myself, why hasn't anyone implemented stopping ovulation into hormonal IUD designs? Why not just leave the egg in the ovary and take the egg out of the equation altogether? Implants and the shot both do this, and they're also progesterone only methods. It would seem their progesterone levels are higher though. Bottom line, I think there should either be a combined hormone IUD for those who can tolerate it or one with high enough progesterone levels to prevent ovulation. This would make an already affective device even more affective than it already is. I'm not suggesting we eliminate the mirena or skyla IUD's. I recognize that some people prefer lower levels of progesterone in their IUD's, and said IUD's do work. But what about say something like another model of IUD which has the ability to prevent ovulation. Yes, I know the mirena can prevent ovulation, but this can vary from woman to woman. Plasma levels are a key factor in determining whether ovulation is prevented. Okay, enough of my rant. Thoughts?

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Currently Preg with #2 but had a question regarding Mirena

Hi, Im currently pregnant with number 2, So im not looking to get a IUD anytime soon however, I am considering Mirena for postpartum BC, I read that with a retroverted uterus that risk of preferation/ going through the wall during insertion is a bit higher. My question was has anyone with a "tilted uterus" had a fine experience with insertion and "kept the mirena there in place for five years, no problems?". I also read that alot of people with tilted uterus like mine, have higher rates of expellsion. Is any of this true, if so probably only a small percent right? A little worried thats all.