March 9th, 2013

Mirena insertion yesterday afternoon

So I have now been a diva for about 25 hours. I am 31 and childless by choice. I live in the US, and have private health insurance, so according to the affordable healthcare act, the Mirena was covered 100%- however, it did take some arguing with the insurance company to ensure that. I went to my appointment by myself, having taken 800mg of ibuprofen about an hour before my appointment. I was a bit nervous, but not bad.

They brought me back, had me give a urine sample, weighed me, and took my BP- everything is good to go. I went into the room, dropped trow, and waited in my lovely paper gown until the doctor came in. The waiting SUCKED!!!

Doctor came in, reviewed that I had no kids, which would make the insertion more uncomfortable, and did I know that? Yes, I assured her I was very well- informed. Also on my period, so that should make it easier. So, in went the speculum- wider that usual, but so far, no sweat. She puts on what i imagine was the tenaculum (cramp!) and decides that I will need to be dialated, so they hunt for the dialators... They find them, and use 2 (cramp!! Cramp!!) and then she puts in the Mirena (CRAMP!) during this process, I have been holding the edge of the table above my head- having something to hang onto helped.

When she placed the Mirena, it felt like she nudged my colon in the process, which was more uncomfortable than everything else she had done. As I broke out in a cold sweat, the doctor mentioned that my uterus tilted to the back. So the tapping of my colon makes sense now, but I am hot all over and sweating slightly. The nurse brings me some water and they tell me I can lay there for a few minutes, so I do.

The doctor then tells me I need to use back-up birth control until my placement verification ultrasound in 4 weeks, but no limitations on sex/ tampons/ etc in there.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get out of my shift at my second job last night, and I was CRAMPTASTIC! I was only there for two hours, and I made it, but just barely. (She also overheard me telling the other waitress that I was quitting because i wasn't making enough money- oops! It probably helped me get out of there.) Got home, went to eat with the hubby, and went to bed, exhausted.

I've been a bit crampy today, but not unmanageable. I am, however, very tired to spite having slept 12 hours last night. Not sure whether to attribute that to the insertion, the Mirena, or having just gotten back from vacation on Tuesday.

Overall, I'm happy so far and I want to thank everyone in this community for all the help/ advice!

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Pain when going potty with paragard

I've been following IUD divas for a while and actually made my decision to get my paragard from the positive posts here :) I have had it for about 2 months and am getting used to it. The insertion was highly painful for me, I don't have children, so I kind if expected it. I have also had some pain while having sex with my husband as well... Has this happened with anyone else? It's not every time, but often enough to wonder if this is normal. My periods are much longer and the cramps are pretty awful, again, I expected it and am in a relationship with ibuprofen and my heating pad while it's that time... Lol! But the main thing that I have noticed that has bothered me the most is when I am close to my period, it hurts to poo (there is just no nice way to say that!). I have shooting cramps in my anus and they are almost worse than the cramps due to the period itself. I have tried to google it and looked through the posts here and no one has mentioned anything about it. Is this normal?? I will definitely ask my doctor when I go in for my checkup, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask you ladies as well. Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks :)