March 6th, 2013

Paraguard AND the pill?

Hello fellow Divas!!

I had Paraguard inserted in October, in Montreal. I had always experienced spotting between periods, and really heavy, irregular periods. However both my GP and my gyno told me that it was nothing to worry about, and that it was common for women who are as tiny as I am. They both told me that the IUD would be fine, and that I was my best BC option given that I could never take HBC due to severe and chronic migraines.

I moved to Germany in November. I have only had my period three times since the IUD insertion, but with each period the spotting in between gets longer and heavier. Last month I spotted for 23 days!!!! I recently went to a German gyno, because it was getting completely out of hand. I mean, what good is an IUD if I'm always bleeding too much to have sex anyway?

The German gyno was furious at the Canadian doctors. He said that my spotting was NOT normal, and that I should never have been given an IUD if I had unresolved spotting beforehand.

He checked everything out, did a pap, checked the positioning of my IUD, even a transvaginal ultrasound (so I can answer any questions you ladies have about those!). Everything looked fine down there, so he said it was likely a hormonal imbalance. He prescribed me HBC, said that it should balance things out. If its not resolved in 3-4 months, he will do full bloodwork to target the exact hormone that is out of balance.

Because the IUD was in place, he doubted that it was the culprit for the spotting. As a result, I am now on the pill in addition to Paraguard.

Have any of you ladies been in a similar position? Did the pill end up alleviating the long/heavy Paraguard periods? I'm only about 13 days on the pill, and have been spotting the entire time, so I'd love to hear other people's experiences.

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Postpartum iuds

Hello! Ive gone through tags about postpartum iuds, and didnt see anything that answered my question. There were some great step by step posts! Im 7 weeks postpartum, and ive decided to get the paragard. Its hormone free and im breastfeeding, and i want to be pill free for once. I was just told that my ob doesnt do iuds (is this bad??) and that i would be transferred to planned parenthood. Can someone tell me about iuds and planned parenthood? How many appointments do i have to go through? Are they going to insert the iud tomorrow, or schedule a next appt? This will be my first appt back to my ob since i had my 2 week postpartum checkup. Im also trying to put all the negative things ive heard aside, ive heard of a lot of people getting pregnant with iuds, and having other issues, so im trying to stay positive.

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