March 5th, 2013

New IUD??

Okay so I had a consultation with my gyno last Friday and she suggested that I do some research on Skyla. I've been reading around for a few weeks now and haven't seen Skyla mentioned once...apparently it's like the "little sister" to Mirena. I've gotten through three pages on google and it sounds awesome so far! Here's what I've found out so far:
• shortest time period of any IUD I've seen (3 years)
• smaller than Mirena and Paraguard and it's recommended for women who haven't had children (which I'm super excited about!)
• periods are typically much lighter/less crampy but they usually don't disappear entirely (for those paranoid ladies out there like me haha)
• FDA approved and should run around the same cost as the other IUDs
Just wondering if anyone else had heard of it and passing on the info to those who haven't :) I'll paste some of the links I've found below

Arrested Development

1 year update

I've had my Mirena for approximately 1 year (it will be a year on the 28th or so).  So I thought I would give a quick update and look at some advice.

I want to love my mirena.  I keep waiting for a magical moment where my body sorts itself out.  It hasn't happened and I've lost hope that it will at this point.  It is such a perfect thing in theory.  I want it to become a reality for me. But I don't think this is the case.

My skin is awful on Mirena.  I have constant acne.  I used to get a blemish or two around my period but my skin is a constant struggle now.  People would remark on my clear skin constantly.  It is such a blow to my self-image at 29 to be struggling with acne/bacne/chest acne.  I'm still getting my period and I'm getting it more frequently (before I used to get it about every 28 it is every 17).  I feel like I pms longer than I used to.  I'm crampy, constipated, bloated, and craving food while I'm pms-ing.  After I deal with that for a while, I spot for a few days then I get my period.  I have a few days where I'm not aware of my impending menstruation....then it starts all over again.  I get random uterus twinges.  I've done the 3x3x3 ibuprofen thing with my period.  It helps.

So my question...if it is like this after a year, what are the odds of it getting a better?  Has anyone else had this experience??  I feel like I'm a quitter if I decide to get it removed or that my body is broken.  I'm so frustrated at this point!