March 3rd, 2013

I'm now an IUD Diva!

So I had my 8 week postpartum appt with my OB today, and since she doesn't place IUDs, she reffered me to Planned Parenthood.
It was tough getting in with the protesters there, but security was tight, and really nice to us. Hubby and the kids came with me.
Once we git checked in, I interviewed with the front desk, and filled out paperwork. Then it took them about 25 minutes to call me back, but the worse thing was I had to go back alone, my husband couldn't come.
I got into my room after leaving a urine sample, and the NA asked more questions, I signed my life away, she gave me 500mg of tylenol.ked me which IUD I wanted, and I said the Mirena (after reading about the Paragard causing bad periods, and mine are already bad). Then I waited for the NP to show up.
Once she was with me, I she didn't waste time. She wasn't very reassuring or comforting either, and I was extremely scared and nervous.
She explained what she was doing step by step. First, she inserted the speculum, and cleaned me inside with bactine. Then she measured my uterus to be sure it had returned back to its normal size pre-delivery. By this point I was already really, really uncomfortable. Like hurting.
Then she said there would be a "pinch", and stretched my cervix...holy hell it hurrrttt. After that, she inserted the IUD. Again, crazy pain. And bad cramping. After that, she was done. She asked if I had any more concerns, and I said no. She gave me a tiny pad for my bleeding, I got dressed, and went out into the lobby. The lady at the front desk gave me my card with my expiration on it and said I had to come back in 8-12 weeks for a checkup.
I feel a bit better than I did right after, but the entire 1 1/2 home every cough and bump hurt. I'm still cramping, but its getting better. I'll take some ibuprofen while i'm getting the girls down for bed...