March 1st, 2013

Just got my Paragard inserted - Went super well! (My experience this morning)

So, I just got home from my doctors where I had my Paragard finally inserted (after rescheduling and rescheduling because my period was late).
This morning didn't go too well which made me worried for today. Had stress in general with boyfriend issues, school work that was piling up, I felt sick, symptoms from my period, and thinking about getting this inserted and the possible pain made me feel even worse. So, needless to say I was just ready for this to be over with.
My doctor was an hr and a half late which didn't make my worrying better, so when she finally did arrive I was ready to get this show on the road.
As I sat on the reclined chair for patients, I saw all the tools and it started to make me feel queazy. When she asked if I was ready, I unconfidently said "yes..."
Prior to the appointment, I had 600 mg of Ibuprofen which I hoped would help me out a lot. Turns out it did! Though the tools she used felt extremely large and uncomfortable down there, the pain wasn't too bad. The most pain I think I felt was when she inserted it (in contrast to when people say the most pain they feel is when they're being measured/"sounded").
It was a deep kind of pressure and cramping but wasn't too awful. I believe what was worse was the nausea that hit me. (I have a weak stomach so was scared this would happen.)
The process actually didn't take too long at all and was surprised at how little cramping I had.
Now, being home after my appointment, I still don't have much cramping at all! (*knock on wood*) I'd like to thank the meds I took (and maybe this could also be due to the fact I never cramp on my period?)

All in all, I may be jinxing myself here when I say this, but the pain was certainly tolerable. I read so many horror stories prior to going into this appointment.. which sometimes can be positive because you know what to expect worst case.
I am definitely glad I went with Paragard, & hope it runs smoothly from here on!