February 26th, 2013

Weird dreams and Progesterone

Just wondering if anyone else has been plagued by weird, vivid dreams while taking Progesterone in some form.
I have always been one to dream a lot, but I feel like when I switched to a minipill (progesterone only) from my combo pill I started having more dreams and more vivid and crazy ones.  I now have a Mirena and am noticing the same thing.  The progesterone in my MIrena is different than the one in my old minipill, but I can't help but think there is a connection.  Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I'd be curious to know if anyone else has noticed something similar or has heard anything about this.

My Mirena insertion story... (long and detailed)

IUD_Divas helped me SO MUCH to make informed decisions about my contraceptive options. I am forever grateful for the divas here who helped inform and educate me through their personal stories and testimonials. I can only hope that my story will help others in the same way.

I went pretty in-depth in my testimonial -- my health background, choosing Mirena, cost, consultation, pre and post-insertion, the procedure step by step, checking strings, advice, etc.) I am hoping this post can prove helpful to prospective divas down the line!

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So there you have it - another Mirena insertion story! I hope it was helpful to those of you considering Mirena/the IUD. I am open to any and all questions you may have. Thank you to all of the fellow divas who made my experience easier by telling your stories.

"Ornery, Bulldog Vagina:" How I Failed at Insertion

Well, I guess I'm a "special girl." At least, that's what my doctor told me. My doctor suggested an IUD for me(I was left with Paraguard, since I have a pronounced sensitivity to levongestrel, which is in Mirena). For religious reasons, I can't take painkillers. I called a few days ago when I got my period, they were able to schedule me in for yesterday to get an IUD. So I dosed myself on Vitamin E, which allegedly helps with the insertion pain, and went in.

Speculum was fine. The stablizing hurts, but nothing too bad. Then the "attempted" sounding happened, I found out I have a "bulldog vagina," according to my doctor. The first thing that happened was that my PC muscles spasmed. Apparantly, I have been far TOO successful with my Kegels, because I have some damn strong PC muscles. My doctor later said it looked like vaginismus, but I've never had any issue having sex, inserting the DivaCup or tampons or anything of the sort, so he ruled that out. Well, after that delightful experience, he tried the sounding. Another strong PC contraction, but not that bad. That was when I learned that my cervix simply did NOT want anything poking it. It basically, in his words, "screwed up and shut down as soon as the sound touched it. It grabbed ahold and refused to let go, I guess. When he pulled the sound out, it really hurt. Second try, it does the same thing (and this is when I had my period - I'd hate to think what it would have done otherwise). It didn't feel entirely like being poked - it felt like my body was grabbing the sound and bearing down on it or trying to pull it - very odd, never experienced anything like it. There was pain, but it overall felt like an incredible amount of pressure and pulling and squeezing - very weird.

We tried four attempts - each time, my body seemed to do the "bearing down and pulling" thing. My doctor finally said my vagina (and cervix in particular) was acting "like a bulldog" and it wasn't going to happen. He mentioned that there are drugs on the market that can ripen or soften a cervix before insertion, but that he didn't recommend them, since they can be pretty serious drugs and that most women don't need them anyway - I may just have an "ornery cervix." He was also concerned that if my body reacted that way to just the sound, it probably wouldn't like the IUD itself and I might be at a heightened risk of rejection. At that point, since I was on the schedule to have an Implanon inserted early next month and since they had it available, he said I should get dressed and just get that anyway. So I did (which was a good insertion, but this really isn't the forum for it!). I asked about the risk of rejecting that was well, but apparantly, they reject far less, because there really isn't anywhere for them to go. I got to leave with a new implant and the knowledge that I have an "ornery bulldog vagina."

I know that lots of women say they encounter cervical resistance with IUDs, but I've never heard of a case in which the resistance just made using one impossible. Is it worth it to continue to pursue this? I've heard of women using tablets inserted into the vagina, medications and even dialators to try to open it up before insertion, but the record seems to be mixed. So I have no clue as to whether I made the right decision or if I should keep pursuing this. I have some time now, but I'm curious.

Possibly expelling?

Hi divas,

I've had my IUD - a generic version of Mirena in clinical trials - in for about 6 months now; I got it in late August.  After I got the IUD inserted, I had some mild to moderate cramping for 2-3 weeks, and I got a period in September, but after that I've only had mild cramping that mostly faded away and no periods.

Enter about the beginning of February and all of sudden I start getting moderate cramping in my uterus.  They're like really deep period cramps, and they kind of wrap around my body - I can feel them in my right lower abdomen and right lower back.  Always on that side, and always a deep aching pain.  They start, grow in intensity for a few hours, throb and sometimes go away.  If I take ibuprofen or acetominophen/paracematol they'll go away, but they come back.  They also go away with a bit of exercise, like if I go for a walk.  I mostly only feel them when I am sitting or laying.

Usually they are moderate - enough to be annoying but not interfering with daily work - but sometimes, especially if I am tired or sick, they are unbearable.  I just lie on my side and moan. I don't have any spotting, not even a discharge or anything.  The only think out of the ordinary is the cramping.

I went to the doc in mid-February and had a string check; the doc said my strings were long, but she did a visual check and didn't see anything amiss.

What do you all think?  I'm going to call the study coordinator and tell her, but any advice/opinions/experiences?

ETA: I went in for an ultrasound the other day and the doctor said everything is in place and my ovaries look perfectly normal.  And then, like magic, the cramping stopped.  WTF, I know, but I'm just glad I'm not cramping anymore!