February 25th, 2013

Need advice!

Hi Divas!

I'm so happy to have found this awesome forum! A little background: I'm 23, NP, and am currently on Nora-Be (mini pill) due to a blood condition (thrombophilla) that increases my chances for blood clots. I originally got on birth control not for pregnancy prevention, but to decrease my heavy, painful periods. I have been on Nora-Be (noriethdrone) for about 5 years, and for the last year, I have been having irregular periods, headaches, skin issues (itching, eczema), and moodiness. I am looking into getting an IUD, and have done vast amounts of research on both the copper and plastic versions. The problem is, I can't decide which is best for me. I haven't been without hormonal birth control for several years, and am afraid of what I might be like if I stop using it. I am quite terrified to come off of the Nora-Be to reevaluate the menstrual cycle (perhaps it's changed since 5 years ago), because I don't know how emotional it will make me. I don't want my long-term boyfriend to freak out either lol. I am also quite small (5'6" and 110lbs) and have a very low pain tolerance, and would need to get twilight sedation to be sounded. My doc is cool with this, and I'm wondering if there are others out there who have switched from a mini pill to either IUD.</b> I am also considering the Flexi-t 300, although I live in California and would have to go to Canada to get it.

Long story short:

Large, can make periods worse (but maybe better over time? from what i've read on here), can poke, no hormones (so i might be back my crazy PMDD ways)


large, no periods (risks of ectopic pregnancy for both, worry about no period), can poke, hormones may adversely affect me, risks of uterine perforation higher with hormones thinning lining.

Flexi-t 300:

small, heavier periods, slightly higher failure rate (due to shape and less copper?), no hormones, no poking,

Thanks for any advice!

Mary-Elizabeth :)


So after what felt like a plastic device peridically poking out of my cervix, and after a re check by my gyno and by my pcp, I called my gyno back and said it was not right and my pcp suggested an ultrasound.

Went to that appointment today and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I'm not a raging lunatic!!!!!! My ParaGard was not up high enough and was in my cervical canal. I had a new one replaced and they said we would check with the ultrasound again. That one was up higher, yet still not correctly placed. They yanked that one as well and put a new one in with the ultrasound machine and apparently, I won't have babies for ten years and it is in there correctly. As previously stated it didn't hurt me, so I've technically had a ParaGard inserted in me 6 times from them being replaced or just not coming out of the catheter within 2 week span, so anyone that is scared just do it lol. I'm still a little uneasy about it due to it not being in not once, but twice correctly, so it will take awhile for me to trust my IUD I think. Anyone with similiar experiences with this I would like some words of wisdom. The point is, if you have to go doctor to doctor do it, you know your body better than anyone else and from the outside my ParaGard looked fine and she had never come across this before (heard of others, but not personally. )