February 21st, 2013


Officially An IUD Diva!

I went back to Planned Parenthood today for my IUD insertion. Per my clinician's advice, I took 600mg of Ibuprofen and ate before my appointment. After check in and everything they had me pee in a cup (mandatory pregnancy testing) and then we went back to the exam room. They made sure all my questions and concerns were addressed and the show began.

The clinician inserted her finger into my vagina to find my cervix and then palpate my uterus. Easy peasy, nothing that hasn't been done at a regular gynecology exam. She then inserted the speculum and used a few swabs of iodine to clean the cervix. After that she inserted a tool into the cervix that I suppose helped hold the cervix open wide enough of for her to see and do everything she needed to. This tool felt like a needle prick, sort of like how when you get novocaine at the dentist.

After that was the sounding. She used another tool to measure my uterus. She said in order for the device to be inserted properly the uterus has to be at least 6cm and no more than 12cm. She said mine was just barely over 6cm, which is normal for women whom have never been pregnant. The sounding felt more like a little bit of pressure than anything else. I took a deep breath and before I'd finished inhaling the sounding was over.

So then came the device insertion. Like the sounding it was more pressure and knowing a little piece of plastic was being inserted into my uterus than actual pain. She said she had to leave the insertion tool in place for about 15 seconds but I only counted about 6 ticks from the clock. She cut the strings and swabbed my cervix again to clean up and that was it.

The worst part was the speculum/ cervix opening tool. Neither were awful, just slightly strange to have random tools hanging around your lady bits. Afterward she gave me this god awful pad since I'm still on my period. Of the whole thing the pad was the worst, I've legitimately never seen one so huge and I felt like everyone could see it through my pants when I was walking through Target after my appointment. The clinician warned me that the blood on the pad may look a little funny because the iodine used to clean the area would be coming out as well.

I had a little bit of cramping for a few minutes after insertion. For about the first twenty minutes I also had little pangs that must just be from my uterus getting used to its new tenant settling in. It's been nearly two hours since insertion and I haven't had any cramping since the initial ones in the first 20 minutes. I have a full bottle of Ibuprofen, but I don't think I'll need anymore. My insurance (Aetna) covered the device and the insertion (my consultation yesterday was $25), so I'm baby free for the next five years for a grand total of $25... That works out to five bucks a year. I think I can handle that.

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